Inside Celebrity Closet Designer Lisa Adams’ Dream Closet

Lisa Adams, CEO and lead designer of LA Closet Design, the Los Angeles-based firm that changed the way we look at our closets, is ready to unveil her very own first-ever dream dressing room and closet, and we’d love to offer you a peek inside.  

After a decade of conceiving, designing and building fantasy-inspired spaces for celebrities, billionaires and tastemakers around the world, she finally put her experience to work in meshing form and fashion with high functionality in the creation of her own master closet, dressing room and handbag closet.

As she does with all her clients, her closet flows seamlessly with her home’s prevailing aesthetic as well as reflects her very own personal style. The result is a chic, elegant and soothing place in which to start her day and house her most precious belongings.

Everything in the closets reflect Lisa’s taste for timeless elegance from the pale palate and soft touches to Hermes ceiling wallpaper, custom Portola paint color created just for Lisa (she even got to name it – Closet Cashmere) and the bold but spare geometric LED brass light fixtures.

As the creative force behind LA Closet Design, Lisa’s vision is to create “personalized dressing spaces to calm the chaos of everyday living.” Her inspiration for maximizing and beautifying closet spaces came about while working for a kitchen design firm.

Seeing the great level of interest both from home owners and investors in making kitchens the new gathering space (and selling point), and a space worthy of living in and showing off, she realized that closets were the next great frontier.

Traditionally seen and used as a space for storage and a place where the door is always closed, Lisa decided to approach the closet as a new living space where homeowners could lounge, prepare, entertain and even “shop” their own closet (a concept she conceived after falling in love with the design of Armani stores).

In her career, she has created spaces for a notable client base, including Christina Aguilera, Reese Witherspoon, Tyra Banks, Khloe Kardashian, Ray Romano and Kris Jenner, among many others.