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Don’t Miss these LRE® Events this Year

In the realm of luxury real estate, where opulence meets innovation, every event is a showcase of refined taste and unmatched sophistication., a prime example of prestige in the industry, has once again curated a series of exciting events that will open the door for endless networking opportunities while piquing our interest. 

Let’s look at this year’s upcoming lineup!

There’s still time to make the 27th Annual Luxury Real Estate Fall Conference. Head south this Fall to Charleston, SC. October 6 – 9, 2024.

This event offers opportunities to connect with top real estate professionals, gain insights from industry leaders, and enjoy exclusive events in this historic city. Elevate your business and network in an inspiring and luxurious setting

Who really needs an excuse to visit Italy? Join the 17th Annual Luxury Real Estate International Symposium in Verona on January 22 – 24, 2025.

This event will feature:
– Global Luxury Real Estate Update: Learn what is new from around the network.
– Various Featured Speakers
– Verona Property Tour & Reception
– Verona City Tour
– Networking Lunches and Breaks
– A Closing Night Dinner & More!

Discover unparalleled networking opportunities at the 2025 European Ski Trip in Canazei, Italy, from January 22-28. Join international luxury real estate professionals for a week of skiing, exclusive events, and relationship-building amidst the breathtaking Dolomite Mountains. 

Looking to take your career to the next level and stay updated on luxury real estate news?’s events are more than just gatherings—they are immersive experiences that redefine the very notion of luxury living. Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate is offering even more events, which you can read about here

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Get to Know Elite Agent: Eugenia Foxworth

Get to Know Eugenia Foxworth

Foxworth Realty is like an artist’s palette when you need a primary, secondary or a weekend residence in New York City and the outer boroughs. It can be located in a modern, state-of-the-art, 1-bedroom apartment in Chelsea, or a modern 2-bedroom/conv 3 duplex with garden in a midrise in one of Harlem’s sought after areas. Within 15 minutes from the Upper West Side of Manhattan, you are in Riverdale located on the Hudson River. Experience sunsets in a luxury full service building within a 3-bedroom/convertible 4 with a balcony, south, north and western exposure, open city and Palisades views with year-round Henry Hudson River views in a 3-bedroom/convertible 4 with a 24-foot long balcony, with year-round magnificent Hudson River views, or a luxury full-service building with a 30,000-square-foot Green Roof, 5-level heated garage, 24-hour doorman, concierge, pool, deck, club, gym, valet et al, or a Jr4 convertible 2-bedroom with N, S, E, W exposure with seasonal park and city views in a 1960s building with 66 apartments located on a tree-lined residential street. Live in a renovated, centrally air conditioned and heated 9-room Ranch-Style home on 63 acres surrounded by majestic trees and flora in Westchester in a cul-de-sac adjacent to the Knollwood Country Club.


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Loraloma’s Country Music-Inspired Amenities Set the Stage for Luxury Living

While fans of country music eagerly anticipate the CMT awards on April 7th, this is the perfect opportunity to explore Loraloma – a community that’s not afraid to embrace its country roots.

As the curtains rise on the newest gem in luxury real estate, Loraloma emerges not just as a residential paradise but as a symphony of sights, sounds, and sensations. Nestled just outside the vibrant life of Austin, Texas – a hub of live music, especially country – Loraloma isn’t just a place to reside; it’s a lifestyle where music intertwines with every aspect of daily life. And Unique Homes is taking you on a tour of this harmonious haven.

Loraloma's Country Music-Inspired Amenities

Loraloma will be anchored by an 18-hole championship golf course designed by the celebrated Scottish architect David McLay-Kidd of DMK Golf Designs, who has crafted famed courses such as Bandon Dunes and the Castle Course at St. Andrews. The course at Loraloma serves as McLay-Kidd’s first-ever in Texas, and will stay true to his low-impact, sustainable approach which brings the innate beauty of the land to the forefront.

At the heart of Loraloma’s allure lies its unwavering dedication to music, an ode to the soul-stirring melodies that define Austin’s history. The developers understand that music isn’t just an accompaniment; it’s a way of life. That’s why they’ve curated a variety of music-driven amenities that seamlessly blend high-end living with the rhythm of the city.

Begin by stepping into Loraloma’s state-of-the-art recording studio, nestled in the heart of the community at Limestone Gulch and inspired by the legendary Blackbird Studios in Nashville. With cutting-edge audio technology, writer’s rooms brimming with inspiration, and a listening lounge where melodies come alive, creativity knows no bounds within these walls.

“As a project developed and delivered by designers, Loraloma is telling a new story of luxury. At Loraloma, our future residents are making more than a purchase—they’re choosing an uncompromised way of living. The architects and land planners of Areté are delivering timeless, ecologically sensitive designs that celebrate the natural beauty of the Hill Country and channel the cultural allure of Austin.”

Rebecca Buchan

Co-Founder & CEO, Areté Collective


But the music doesn’t stop there. Venture further, and you’ll find yourself ensconced in the embrace of nature at the private amphitheater, that is practically a part of the natural hillside. Here, under the starlit Texas sky, residents will have easy access to Austin’s thriving music and theater scene.

For those who prefer to feel the rhythm beneath their feet, Loraloma’s Tap House is a vibrant ode to local culture. Here, amidst the strum of guitars, homeowners and members can two-step with friends, savor local brews, and immerse themselves in the nostalgia of vintage arcades.


And let’s not forget the Dance Hall – a homage to Austin’s rich musical heritage and a testament to the memory-making magic of classic Texas dance halls. Whether it’s the lively Texas swing on weekends or the graceful Texas waltz on weeknights, residents need only step outside their door to immerse themselves.

But what truly sets Loraloma apart isn’t just its amenities; it’s the sense of community woven throughout. Seasoned instructors stand ready to guide residents on a journey of self-expression and Texas-sized fun, ensuring that the spirit of music lives on in every dance move and every note played.


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Unique Homes Spring 2024 Issue

As devoted narrators of the extraordinary, the Unique Homes Spring 2024 Issue goes beyond the confines of traditional real estate, captivating our worldwide readership with a look inside some of the most amazing properties on the market and unique insights into the realm of luxury living. 

In this edition of Unique Homes magazine, we present to our readers a distinguished roster of Elite Agents, showcasing their unparalleled expertise and influence in luxury real estate.

Exploring the timeless allure of gold in “All Things Gold,” we are honored to share Lauren Harwell Godfrey’s magnificent gold jewelry collection, and luxury lighting trends that prove this element never goes out of style.

As we contemplate the intersection of luxury and artificial intelligence, Camilla MclLaughlin ponders the potential impact of the technology on the real estate landscape and elite agents in “Luxury: Meet AI.

Embark on a journey through the iconic city that never sleeps in “Urban Opulence in New York,” as we explore the most lavish residences and what’s new. 

Luxury undergoes a transformative redefinition this spring, and we welcome you to explore it in our latest issue.

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Deciphering the NAR Settlement

Does the NAR settlement change anything or everything?

Perhaps March 2024 will be remembered as the month that turned real estate on end. Or perhaps not. The National Association of Realtors agreed to pay $418 million in damages and agreed to changes in rules regarding cooperative broker compensation. National news headlines are hailing the end of commissions as we know them. But industry experts are seeing it differently and debating what the lasting impacts will be.

Interestingly, the disputed rule regarding cooperative compensation was introduced in the 1990s in response to calls from consumer protection advocates regarding buyer representation. 

Comments from the National Association of Realtors emphasize that the current rule sparking litigation “requires only that listing brokers communicate an offer of compensation” to cooperating agents. “That offer can be any amount, including zero.” Per NAR, the new rule, which could take effect as soon as July, prohibits offers of broker compensation on the MLS. The association also underscores that commissions have always been negotiable. 

Already, many brokerages require buyers who work with a buyer agent to sign an agreement, but the proposed new rule would possibly require consumers to sign such an agreement early in the buying process, even before touring properties with that agent. Also, the issue of compensation will have to be addressed in such agreements.

Mark Moffa, longtime Unique Homes managing editor and a Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Fox & Roach, Realtors, in the Philadelphia area, expressed dismay at the headlines and coverage of the settlement.

“As a journalist at heart, I’m usually defensive of the media,” Moffa said. “But the headlines and coverage of this story have been so irresponsibly misleading. While the settlement still has to be approved, at this time there would seem to be two significant changes as a result. One is that offers of buyer broker compensation can no longer be made within the MLS — but they can and will still be made and conveyed via other means such as agent websites, so the impact of this might be minor.” 

“The other is that buyer agents will need to have contracts with their buyer clients, and those contracts will have to address compensation in more detail than simply saying that buyer broker compensation will be whatever amount the seller is offering. Buyer agents will not be able to earn more than what is in the contract with their client,” Moffa added.

Moffa notes that this presents interesting dynamics, such as what happens if a buyer agent contract calls for 2.5% compensation but a seller is offering 3%? Does the selling agent get the extra? Does the seller get it back? That answer will depend on the terms the selling agent has agreed to with their client, an interesting new wrinkle for seller agents about which there has been little coverage.

“The bottom line is that buyer agents are going to have to do more work up front with their clients, and be more nuanced and more involved in compensation negotiations than they have in the past,” Moffa said. “But does this mean that seller compensation to buyer agents is going away? Not at all. The fact remains that in most cases, the sellers will continue to have a greater ability to pay the commissions than the buyers. And if you’re a seller, you want your house to be available to the largest pool of buyers possible. If you’re selling and not offering buyer broker compensation, but the other sellers on the market are, then you’re at a disadvantage.

“Market dynamics will continue to drive the economics of home selling and buying,” he added. “Studies quoted in the media about this settlement touting a big decrease in commissions are from when the verdict was announced in November and are presuming a complete decoupling of commissions. That is not what this settlement does.”

The one thing the settlement has evoked is widespread speculation regarding outcomes. Speculation includes lowering commissions on both ends of a transaction, fewer buyers using an agent, unbundling services, allowing buyers to pick and choose agent services and fees, and an increase in the number of homes marketed outside the MLS. Clearly, the potential to recalibrate the transaction is considerable. 

“The proposed settlement could still let the seller offer money for a buyer to allocate to the buyer’s agent, and it doesn’t prevent that offer from being included in general-purpose listing-database fields. In the same way, a seller might acknowledge a defect in the roof that will have to be repaired, a seller can anticipate that a buyer will have to pay her agent 2.5% of the sales price and promise to support that fee in agent-only remarks,” commented Glenn Kelman, CEO of Redfin

While NAR’s settlement covered a majority but not all the association’s members, suits against large brokerages remain. A week after NAR’s judgment, Compass agreed to settle commission lawsuits for $57.5 million. RE/MAX, Anywhere, and Keller Williams Realty have also reached settlements in similar suits. 

Clearly, it’s going to take time for these changes to play out.

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$12.4 Million Southlake Stunner: Insights from Industry Pro, Sherri Murphy

940 W. Dove Road, Southlake, Texas

Discover Luxury Living at this Elegant Estate

Prepare to be captivated as we unveil a distinguished property nestled within the prestigious enclave of Southlake. Crafted with precision and finesse by the esteemed builder Michael Kindred, this luxury estate exemplifies the epitome of refined living.

Southlake, TX
16,000 Square Feet
8 Bedrooms
10 Full, 3 Half Baths
Resort-Sized Pool

Explore the meticulous craftsmanship and opulent finishes that adorn every corner of 16,000 square feet of living space. Occupying a generous 4.828 acres, this property seamlessly blends grand-scale entertaining with comfortable family living, this home sets a new standard of elegance.

Inside, residents will enjoy an impressive 8,300 square-foot indoor regulation-size basketball court in addition to countless other amenities and accommodations. Boasting 8 bedrooms, 10 full baths, and 3 half baths, and a lavish primary suite, this home offers an unparalleled level of comfort and privacy for both residents and guests. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or entertainment, this estate has it all. Step into the expansive game room, unwind in the theater-style media room, or try your hand at a friendly game of bowling in the two-lane bowling alley. 

Outside, for those seeking tranquility, the resort-sized pool awaits, surrounded by lush landscaping and beckoning with its tranquil waters. 

Whether hosting elaborate gatherings or enjoying cherished moments with loved ones, this residence promises to elevate the art of living to unparalleled heights. It’s not merely a house; it’s a sanctuary where luxury and refinement converge harmoniously.

House Amenities 

Resort-Sized Pool

Space to Entertain

Theater-Style Room


Sherri Murphy

Sherri Murphy, a dedicated professional real estate advisor, is reshaping the real estate landscape with her white glove, concierge service tailored to her clients’ needs. 

Meticulous and unwavering, Sherri Murphy of Coldwell Banker Realty is steadfast in providing an unparalleled real estate journey. Through meticulous listing and buyer consultations, Sherri delves into her client’s unique desires and objectives, leveraging her 25-plus years of industry experience, continuous learning ethos, and diverse certifications to craft effective strategies. Hailing from Texas, Sherri possesses extensive knowledge of the evolving Dallas/Fort Worth region, empowering her clients to make informed decisions.

Proficient in diverse areas including short sales, foreclosures, and commercial spaces, Sherri also holds certifications as a Military Relocation Specialist. 

Let’s Connect

(817) 929-2059 (Home)

(817) 929-2059 (Mobile)


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Historic Sale in Southampton

The recent record sale at auction of La Dune, an iconic oceanfront estate in the Hamptons, rocked the luxury world. Comprised of two remarkable homes designed by legendary architects Sanford White and Francois Cartroux, the 366 and 376 Gin Lane four-acre estate offers unparalleled beach access with approximately 400 feet of beachfront and breathtaking ocean views. 

The property might seem familiar to Unique Homes readers. Once the most expensive listing in the Southampton area of Long Island, it was featured among the top 10 in our annual Ultimate Homes list of the most expensive in the U.S., first appearing, priced at over $100 million, in 2017. The recent auction fetched $88.48 million, making it the most valuable property ever auctioned live at Sotheby’s. 

“The remarkable final sale price for ‘La Dune’ reflects its stunning design, exclusive address, and historic pedigree,” said Chad Roffers, founder and CEO of Sotheby’s Concierge Auctions. 

“I am pleased to have partnered with Sotheby’s Concierge Auctions on yesterday’s sale of the iconic ‘La Dune’ residence,” stated Harald Grant. “This extraordinary oceanfront compound represents one of the finest offerings in the Hamptons; it is no surprise that this auction resulted in a record sale.” Along with Grant, Tim Davis of The Corcoran Group and Cody Vichinsky, president and founding partner of Bespoke Real Estate partnered on the sale.  

This property was part of Visions of America, a Sotheby’s week-long series showcasing the heights of American craftsmanship in the finest art and objects and streamed live.

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Unique Homes Fall 2023 Issue

Unique Homes is excited to present our Fall 2023 issue, which explores the importance of quality design in the luxury realm.

Writer Camila McLaughlin notes that the focus has shifted from quantity to substance in order to create a distinct lifestyle. Through her many conversations with various top designers, it’s clear that terms like bespoke and timeless are becoming more prevalent.

Begin by touring an unforgettable equestrian state that spans more than 100 rolling acres. Turn the page and explore the desire to create roots and traditions, connect with nature and the outdoors, and infuse color to generate joyful spaces.

In the Fall 2023 issue, we also invite you to take a look at top markets, such as New England and the Florida Keys, where access to year-round amenities, and water frontage are high priorities for buyers.

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Only Murders in the Building

By Ritika Jain
Photography by Evan Joseph

In New York City, it’s impossible to count the number of grand, historic buildings you end up walking past. The city is dotted with towering buildings that have withstood the test of time. If you’ve been watching the hit Hulu series “Only Murders in the Building,” starring Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez, you might have noticed one of them. The show is predominantly set at The Belnord, a timeless prewar residence built in 1909 that takes up an entire block on the Upper West Side.

The Belnord boasts a commanding presence with exquisite, regal architecture and private, spacious entrances for residents to comfortably unload their belongings. Despite being built over a century ago, the building offers the height of modern luxury with renovated condominiums and a redesigned courtyard, making it especially attractive for affluent buyers.

Given the location of The Belnord, one would think that privacy would be hard to attain. However, the building is structured so that residents can freely enter and exit without wrestling through a crowd. There are 6 different residential lobbies, each with a private elevator, grand staircase, and freight lift to lead them up to their residence. The lobbies themselves are extremely upscale, with white high-gloss painted wall paneling, satin nickel hardware, and restored polished mosaic floors.

The Belnord Lobby

As for the residences, they are essentially large, apartment-style homes and nothing short of impressive. Robert A.M. Stern can be credited for the interiors, rethinking the original floor plan to implement a classic layout with contemporary features that complement the building’s structure while satisfying modern tastes.

Common features include grand arrival foyers; gracious bedroom galleries; a 5-inch, rift-cut, solid white oak chevron accent floor; and custom base, casing, and crown moldings. The kitchens are also notable elements, custom designed by Robert A.M. Stern and complete with polished Calacatta Gold marble countertops, a windowed eat-in area, and appliances by the luxury appliance brand Gaggenau, including a 5-burner gas cooktop and fully integrated column refrigerator and freezer.

Upon restoring The Belnord, the architect and designer were committed to retaining the prewar aesthetic while accommodating modern living expectations, according to Maya Kadouri, The Belnord’s director of sales at Douglas Elliman. In order to accomplish this, they used some of the same materials used in the original structure to preserve the building’s original feel. While today’s homebuyers have their eyes set on all things modern, the prewar aesthetic of The Belnord is a rare offering on the Upper West Side that exudes class and opulence.

The Belnord Children's Room

“Restoring any prewar building, you have to be extremely knowledgeable in how to restore, but also create something that buyers of today can relate to while still retaining the prewar aesthetic. We try to use subtle, modern finishes and natural materials to highlight the history of the building,” explains Kadouri.

Aside from the desirable prewar design, the vast collection of amenities at The Belnord, known as The Belnord Club, also remain a significant draw for homebuyers. Residents of all ages enjoy access to a variety of spaces to dine, entertain, relax and stay active, including a sophisticated entertainment lounge with a dining room, a state-of-the-art fitness center, yoga studio, aerobics/stretching room, and a sauna with locker rooms.

The children’s playroom is full of whimsy and imagination, creating the perfect refuge for children to play and engage while teens can congregate in the teen lounge, which offers a pool table and separate kitchen. The double-height, high-tech sports court is also popular for its leather-cushioned walls and multipurpose use.

The Belnord Sports Court

“It’s rare to find a prewar building with 30,000 square feet of interior and exterior amenities,” says Kadouri. In order to keep the building up to date with current demands, this is achieved by assessing how people like to spend their leisure time and what is missing from their residence, she says.

“The concept is to have an extension of your residence so you have somewhere else that feels like a part of your home. Now we see sports courts are very much a draw as well as separate lounges and playrooms for older and younger children.” All the amenities are strategically located on the ground floor or second floor, rather than in the basement, ensuring the utmost service and convenience for residents

The Belnord Courtyard and Garden

When considering all the perks The Belnord has to offer, the pinnacle is undeniably the courtyard garden, which is one of the city’s largest at 22,000 square feet. A large interior courtyard that serves as the focal point of a building is also a historic concept, harkening back to European palatial architecture, says Kadouri. Re-landscaped by Edward Hollander, it now offers beautiful greenery, a tranquil water fountain, and great light. “It adds a much-needed sense of serenity and a respite from city life,” reaffirms Kadouri.

The Belnord has seen growing interest in its residences, particularly due to its presence in the show “Only Murders in the Building,” which premiered in 2019 on Hulu and just released a star-studded second season. It serves as an important character in the story of three residents who bond over their true-crime obsession when a murder takes place in their building, coined as the “Arconia.”

Relax or entertain in the Residents’ Lounge, which maximizes comfort and style<br />
with contemporary details and an elegant marble fireplace.

Evidently, the show markets the building well as affluent viewers are making the transition to residents. The building has had three deals over $10 million in the last month, and the condominiums are nearly 75 percent sold.

When selecting a location for their comedic murder mystery, creator John Hoffman and actor Steve Martin were looking for a rare Upper West Side retreat with a large courtyard, and The Belnord made their vision possible. Current residents have even had the perks of getting a sneak peak of the filming of the second season.

“In the last episode, they invited some of the residents as extras. A ton of crowds would form outside the gate and get a peek of the stars. There was one day they were filming and they turned all of 86th Street into a stage and brought in cars and buses for one of the scenes,” relates Kadouri.

The Belnord has a layered history and an equally intriguing present, offering a romantic city lifestyle with almost every luxury at your fingertips. Get a closer look in the show “Only Murders in the Building,” or stop by the grand structure in person. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a sneak peek of Season 3.

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Fergie’s Custom Built Vineyard Estate Sells for $3.7 Million

Stacy Ann Ferguson, as we all know her: Fergie, the American singer, songwriter, rapper, and actress, recently sold her vineyard estate in Solvang, California. 

The estate was custom built to Fergie’s standards in 2013 and made for a decade full of fond memories of family, friends, music, and of course, wine. 

About Fergie’s Estate

Once you enter the gates to this magnificent estate, you will notice the well maintained landscaping that frames the property, including exterior stonework and a flight of stairs that connect the sunken driveway to the front door. 

The Mediterranean-style home boasts 5,456 square feet of living space which sits on a cul-de-sac lot of 6.27 acres. 

When you first enter the home, you are welcomed by a grand foyer giving way to a living room where guests may gather around a stone fireplace. The living room is accompanied by the nearby kitchen adorned with “custom walnut cabinetry, a top-of-the-line Wolf range, and a convenient breakfast bar.”

Dinner parties held in the formal dining room are sure to impress with a temperature controlled wine storage room and easily accessible powder room. The butler’s pantry is an added touch to make dinner parties even easier. 

New owners can choose between four large bedrooms: a master retreat of their dreams with panoramic views, a kitchenette with a sizable bathroom, and two additional ensuite bedrooms. 

The fourth bedroom, on the opposite side of the home, is discreetly tucked behind the kitchen and laundry room, offering the privacy expected of a guest room or for a housekeeper. 

Throughout the home are intentional visuals, including stone flooring, dark brown ceiling beams, and bifold glass doors, which allow for the most stunning views.  

Step outside to admire the views of Santa Ynez Valley and mountains from the wrap-around patios. A full outdoor kitchen is perfect for entertaining, and a fire pit keeps the gathering going into the evening. A built-in hot tub and several fountains almost offset the missing swimming pool. 

Best for last: the hillside vineyard! Here an immeasurable amount of Syrah wine has been produced. 

While offering extreme privacy, the estate is also a 5-minute drive from downtown. 

This Glamorous home has served as a collective for her family for the last decade. While her family resided in the property, Fergie’s father began a newfound dream of planting his own vineyard and creating his own wine label, which was born “Ferguson Crest.” 

After selling the home for $3.7 Million, The Dirt explains that Fergie resides in her Brentwood Hills mansions she has had since 2007. 

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