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Exclusive Guide to the Most Expensive Waterfront Homes For Sale

The latest issue of Unique Homes introduces an exclusive guide to the most expensive waterfront homes for sale in America. This carefully curated guide includes a list of each state’s top 10 premier waterfront properties. 

In this blog, we introduce you to the most exquisite waterfront properties in the nation by region. The homes on this list will pique the interests of those looking for properties as unique as their individual taste. 

Nestled along the shores of breathtaking bodies of water, these premier residences redefine luxury living by offering a harmonious blend of opulence, serenity, and architectural brilliance. 

Each property on this list is a testament to the extraordinary, promising a lifestyle where sweeping views meet exquisite and intentional design, thus creating an unparalleled sanctuary for those who appreciate waterfront living.

Join us on a journey through these exceptional waterfront homes, where each listing is not just a home but an expression of a distinctive and extraordinary way of life.


Discover unparalleled luxury and opulence in the Northeast. Here, exquisite architecture meets breathtaking vistas, redefining the pinnacle of coastal living.






New Hampshire

New Jersey

New York


Rhode Island



From private estates to architectural marvels, these Southeast homes redefine coastal living at the pinnacle of extravagance.








North Carolina

South Carolina



West Virginia


From secluded coastal estates to prestigious riverfront properties, each home in the Southwest stands as a testament to lavish living amidst breathtaking natural landscapes and unparalleled views. 


New Mexico




Opulent estates seamlessly blend modern elegance with breathtaking natural surroundings. The Midwest is filled with panoramic lakefront vistas and exclusive riverfront retreats. 

North Dakota

South Dakota












The western region is home to some of the nation’s most lavish waterfront homes, where the fusion of luxurious living and breathtaking vistas takes center stage.












As we conclude this captivating journey through opulence, our latest issue of Unique Homes unveils an exclusive guide that transcends the ordinary, providing a meticulous selection of the most expensive waterfront homes for sale in America. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled world of luxury real estate as we showcase each state’s top 10 most expensive waterfront properties. 

These architectural masterpieces redefine luxury, setting a new standard for those who seek not just a home but an experience of grandeur by the water’s edge. View the latest issue here

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Make Them Think

Discovering a passion that you can enjoy pursuing through all phases of life yet also makes for a spectacular 50-year career is like striking gold. This is exactly how life has played out thus far for Sante Fe abstract expressionist Brian McPartlon. McPartlon’s finely honed artistic approach aims to utilize layers of various shapes and rich colors to showcase depth of field and capture the attention of viewers.

McPartlon describes his personal style as “exploratory,” and he favors using acrylic on canvas to create his breathtaking works of art. “I start with no objective. I start with color, and when color meets color, it makes a shape. I take the shape, I refine it. It develops on its own and I follow it.”

Color plays an integral role in all of his creations, and he uses a lot of water — sometimes gallons — on his larger pieces as a blending tool. “They’re gestural and abstract, and then they dry and I go back and find forms that are suggestive of ideas. When I’m trying to direct it and it takes me down a path that I didn’t expect, that’s when I feel like I’ve really accomplished something.”

McPartlon utilizes various colors and textures in this acrylic on canvas painting titled “Starling.”

Over the span of his artistic journey, McPartlon acknowledges that his personal art style has grown and changed right along with him. “You keep doing something over and over again and you get better at it. [Also,] the environment you’re in changes the way you look at things.”

A single painting could take anywhere from 10 minutes to a whopping 40 years to complete, because, according to McPartlon, nothing is so sacred that it can’t be improved upon. He is fully disposed to diving back into a painting he created decades ago and changing things up. “I mean, there are some things from high school that I’ll probably leave — I’m 75 years old. That’s a lot of work.” he explains.

McPartlon discovered his zeal for art when he was just a teenager. “When I was 16 in high school, I wasn’t very good at many things. I got straight As in history, and Ds in everything else,” says McPartlon. “I took an art class. I did a drawing and the teacher took notice of it, and the class took notice of it. It made me want to do more. Then, I studied really hard, drew with charcoal and studied any art books that I could get. I was encouraged — I had supportive parents, supportive teachers.”

“Travis” acrylic on canvas

When he was 17, McPartlon entered a local art show and was recognized as “Best in Show.” His work was featured in a gallery amongst established adult artists. “I didn’t even know what an opening was, I had no idea what I was doing.”

McPartlon went on to attend the School of Visual Arts in New York, where he studied drawing, painting and sculpture. “I learned classically — how to draw and paint, realism, portraits, still lifes, and I was really turned on by abstract work. I had the opportunity to, while I was in New York, go to museums quite a bit. That’s where I really decided that I wanted to be an abstract painter.

“Cosmos” acrylic on canvas

“That changed my life forever. I decided that I was going to be an artist and that was that. Nothing else.” McPartlon then moved to California to attend the San Francisco Art Institute to further his art education, where he continued to fine tune and develop his personal art style. In 1973, he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and began his art career.

Maintaining a sense of passion toward any long-term career or hobby requires a constant flow of inspiration. Having been an artist for decades, finding inspiration in everyday life is what has kept McPartlon going. He finds this through studying the work of other artists, visiting museums and galleries, observing his environment, and traveling.

“Marge Cosmos” acrylic on canvas

“I’ll give you the best inspiration I have,” says McPartlon. “This is kind of my mantra, ‘inspiration is perspiration.’” You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to start working. The satisfaction comes from completion. You’ve got to start with one step. It sounds really simple, but it’s so true. If you are waiting for inspiration, it’s never going to come. The inspiration comes from trying.”

McPartlon believes that art can lift your spirits in ways nothing else can. “My type of work provides a window of perception unlike the view you may see out a window,” he says. “Mine’s a different view; it’s a view of your intraself. If you have a high-end home full of beautiful views, my work can be looked at as a window into oneself or into one’s personality.”

“Fire Cosmos” acrylic on canvas

McPartlon stresses the importance of the viewer construing their own meaning of a work of art, rather than figuring out the artist’s interpretation. “Find something in it that you relate to. Everyone that views the work has a different insight, a different reaction,” he explains, noting that good abstract work should provoke thought.

As for the future, McPartlon emphasizes that he is still working to create his masterpiece. “I think that that’s the goal of every artist.”

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Unique Homes Presents: America’s Most Expensive Real Estate

Unique Homes is world-renowned for collaborating with and showcasing the most extraordinary, affluent, and unique real estate in the world. As part of our initiative, we have put together our Ultimate Homes list, which features the 20 most expensive homes on the market in each state across the nation. 

Our list expands from coast to coast and includes tropical beachfront masterpieces in Florida, the epitome of modern luxury in New York City, palatial estates in California, extraordinary ski-in ski-out mansions in Utah — and everything in between. 

Unique Homes Presents America’s Most Expensive Real Estate

We invite you to indulge your senses with our Ultimate List, which showcases the crème de la crème of real estate in each state across America, here.

Price is not the only indication of luxury when it comes to real estate, although it is certainly a strong indicator. In this comprehensive list, we are seeing new trends in luxury living and home ownership at its finest. There is strong diversity throughout the homes on our Ultimate List, showcasing different lifestyles, levels of grandeur, and displays of unique hobbies and interests. 

California, Florida, and New York have always tended to dominate the luxury real estate market. We love this list because it showcases listings in every state, even the ones that may have slipped your mind. Explore new territories and styles in places you haven’t visited or experienced, yet. 

No matter which state you reside in — or wish to reside in — check out what modern luxury real estate looks like in today’s day and age. The styles and architecture of the homes that made this list range drastically from modern elegance to old-world charm. 

Luxury has a unique meaning to everyone, and that is clearly displayed in Unique Homes Ultimate List of the most expensive homes on the market today. 

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5-Acre Oceanfront Estate

9300 Overseas Highway, Marathon, Florida

This five-acre oceanfront estate captures the Caribbean island charm while remaining attached to the mainland. The primary home is majestically situated at the end of Palm Alley, with bright Bougainvillea and towering palms offering a brilliant welcome. 

This ultimate fly-in fly-out estate is located directly across from the Florida Keys Marathon International Airport, offering U.S. Customs ease in continental and international travel with an additional opportunity for a private hangar acquisition. 

Backyard Oasis
Home of the Day

Enter through a private gate and instantly immerse yourself in a tropical paradise. Lush foliage welcomes you to a D’Asign Source custom-built home where privacy and design have been woven into every meticulous detail. 

Find everything you may desire without leaving, including a boat ramp and marina with immediate ocean access, a separate guest house, workshops, a fishing and bait shop, a garage, and a barn. 

Dining Area
Living Area

A gingerbread-style exterior leads into an Ernest Hemingway/Victorian interior. Elements of British West Indies architecture and design fill the home with uncompromising quality and surprises around every corner. 

The primary ensuite opens to a pristine pool and ocean views yet still cultivates a private retreat experience occupying the whole west side of the home. The primary bathroom dazzles with imported Italian tile and coral walls. 

Outdoor Patio Area

Experience a custom-built movie theater upstairs or step onto the spacious back porch and take in the stunning natural views from every angle. 

The 195,000-gallon pool stretches around two sides of the home, featuring bridges, waterfalls, an expansive spa, a grotto, a waterslide, a swim-up bar, an outdoor kitchen, a tiki house, and a lush Tahitian-style river that is sure to captivate.

Outdoor Lounge Area

Each ensuite guest room offers a private balcony, access to the pool, and bridges that lead to an island stroll. 

This property boasts a natural privacy and serenity that will restore and relax, from the rainforest to the fruit orchard to the ocean. You may never want to leave this idyllic island oasis.

Visit the complete listing here


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Cinnamon Shore Unveils Texas-Sized Fun

Hold onto your sun hats because this walkable beach community is taking your coastal dreams to a whole new level with big upgrades.

Port Aransas, Texas, commonly known among locals as Port A, was a quiet fishing town not too long ago. However, with the introduction of a pedestrian-friendly vacation home community and much more, the area’s full potential has been recognized. With 18 miles of uninterrupted wide beachfront on Mustang Island and a carefully curated master-planned community that respects the environment and encourages a small-town feel, Cinnamon Shore is a no-brainer for buyers seeking luxury primary and secondary real estate.  

As the community continues to expand, plans for a vibrant town square, sports courts, spa facilities, and a dog park are all coming to the heart of Cinnamon Shore South. Many of these projects are already underway or breaking ground this summer.

Jodi Peters, the managing broker at Cinnamon Shore Realty, shares, “We’re thrilled to deliver new luxury resort amenities that we promised our residents and guests from the start.” From pickleball courts to fire lounges, Cinnamon Shore South is shaping up to be the go-to spot for those who crave both relaxation and recreation.

What to expect:
Playtime Sports Courts: Get ready for some serious pickleball action, half-court basketball, and a shaded viewing area. And for the little ones, there’s a grassy space for lounging and time in the fresh air.

Neighborly Square Pool: Shaded, private, and oh-so-chic. This pool has it all – tropical landscaping, an over-the-pool water walkway, a fire pit, lounge chairs in the shallow end, and a palm-shaded area for hammocks. It’s the perfect spot to sip your favorite drink and soak up the sun.


New Event Venue: For celebrations, reunions, business meetings, and more, Cinnamon Shore’s got you covered. The new event venue is a landscaped beauty designed for indoor-outdoor gatherings that will accommodate a range of guests. 

Another Neighborhood Pool with Fitness Center: Why settle for one when you can have two? Surrounded by pergolas, palms, and residential cottages, this pool is your new fitness and relaxation haven.

South Dog Park: For your four-legged friends, Cinnamon Shore is introducing the South Dog Park. 

Tailwind Park: A lush garden oasis for homeowners and guests to breathe, relax, and play. With firepits, pebbled paths, and shaded areas, it’s the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle.

Still, there’s more! The South Town Square, a project by the award-winning Kimmel Studio Architects, is set to break ground in 2024. With waterfront expertise and a vision for a vibrant coastal gathering spot, it will be the heart of the community.

Whether you’re a current homeowner or dreaming of a Texas-sized slice of paradise, Cinnamon Shore checks all the boxes. Visit the Cinnamon Shore’s blog for the inside scoop on this family-friendly community. 


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Accessorize Like an Expert this Winter

For some, the annual transition into chilly weather is a dreaded one. Cold weather can feel calamitous to one’s personal style as bulky puffer coats, chunky gloves, and clunky snow boots forcibly overtake outfits. However, the misconception that an outfit is ruined by winter layers is just that — a misconception. Cozy winter wardrobes keep us warm and toasty, but when done right, they can make a luxurious statement. Here, we receive some expert winter style advice and take a look at some of the enviable high-end winter pieces on the market that redefine cozy.

“Winter style is an opportunity to be cozy and chic,” Raina Silberstein, fashion stylist, luxury personal shopper, and founder of her own styling service told Unique Homes. When curating a winter wardrobe, Silberstein considers three factors: personal style, weather forecast, and lifestyle. “My expert advice: discover inspiration from your favorite outfits, just because it’s cold and gray doesn’t mean your style has to lack sophistication. Not all winter days are created equal — some days call for major bundles and other times a warm sweater may be appropriate.”

When investing in designer pieces with designer price tags, it’s crucial to know what to look for to ensure you’re making a high-quality purchase. “A winter staple will often be produced in a timeless textile like cashmere, wool, mohair, tweed, corduroy, leather, suede, faux fur, and velvet,” says Silberstein, noting that these materials are both fashionable and practical, making for a good investment. “A quality item will have impressive construction including details like the lining, seams, buttons, hardware, and zippers. When selecting your winter styles, look for versatility in the garment. If you plan to wear a coat several times a week, ensure you can style it in a range of outfits for work, weekends, and beyond.”

Silberstein emphasizes that adding layers is not just stylish — it’s essential. The beauty of creating layered outfits is it allows for the inclusion of more personality, colors, patterns, and textures,” For tasteful winter layering, she suggests garments of varying weights and materials, with the thinnest pieces closest to the body and the thickest further outward. “Accessories like hats, scarves, and gloves help inject color, pattern, and texture. These finishing details will elevate your outfit.”

Brunello Cucinelli Men’s Cashmere Mouline Beanie Hat: $550

This ravishing pearl gray beanie is crafted in Italy from luxurious mouliné cashmere yarn and serves as a perfect winter staple piece.

Loro Piana Darwin Cashmere Rib Beanie : $550

This unique beanie features a thick, padded, turnback rim distinguishing it as a true statement piece promising to provide warmth and coziness with a soft, textured knit pattern. Available in a vibrant orange-red and a natural off-white shade for a more neutral look.

Gorski Cashmere Goat Earmuffs: $150 

Crafted from the fluffiest dyed goat cashmere, these Gorski earmuffs come in three sophisticated colors and add a soft touch to any look. 

Loro Piana Men’s Guanto Leather Gloves: $975

Boasting a ribbed cashmere lining and lush leather exterior, these luxurious gloves from Loro Piana reflect sophistication.

Burberry Men’s Jumbo Check Wool Scarf: $1,050

Stylish wool Burberry scarf that can be styled a plethora of different eye-catching ways. It features a gorgeous teal stripe at the end near the fringes for the perfect pop of color. 

Giorgio Armani Fringe Cashmere-Silk Scarf: $1,495

Eccentric green detailing makes this dreamy cashmere-silk scarf truly one-of-a-kind. It promises to give life to any look, a bold winter statement waiting to be made! 

When it comes to outer layers, such as coats, Silberstein stresses the importance of proper tailoring. A tailored coat that fits well will allow for balanced proportions even when there are multiple garments underneath.

Brunello Cucinelli Glossy Napa Leather Puffer Jacket with Shearling Trim: $9,995 

Exemplifying refined elegance, this mid-length leather puffer jacket has a two-way front zip, spread collar, and convenient side slip pockets. The relaxed-fit jacket is the epitome of casual luxury puffers.

Footwear is perhaps one of the most essential pieces of the winter fashion puzzle, especially in snowy areas. “Boots are the shoe of the season for a reason,” says Silberstein. “They provide comfort, support, and warmth, plus they are often produced in luxurious materials.” 

Moncler Gaia Quilted Nylon Pocket Snow Boots – $895-$945

Those looking to make a striking footwear statement this winter need look no further than these chunky, quilted nylon puffer boots from Moncler. Available in white, black or a bright raspberry pink color and complete with a drawstring pull and logo snap pocket on the sides.


Photos courtesy of Neiman Marcus
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Plant-Based Handbags

By Kristen Hunt

In the ever-changing fashion industry, handbags go beyond mere accessories. They serve as reflections of personal style, symbols of status, and extensions of identity. Viewed as capsules of our thoughts, handbags can protect our most personal belongings with a functional and elegant design. 

A History of Luxury Leather 

Even before the boom of the fashion industry, handbags held a significant role in society for millennia. First crafted in ancient Egypt from gazelle skin, men wore satchels to hold survival materials and currency. Gradually, these evolved into ornamental purses that were carried by women throughout the Victorian era. The combination of functionality and aesthetics was then introduced, using luxurious fabrics, such as velvet and silk mixed with cowhide.

By the 19th century, handbags became an undeniable symbol of wealth and style with the introduction of iconic designs such as Hermès’ Kelly bag in the 1930s and Chanel’s 2.55 bag in the 1950s. The 1980s further elevated the status of luxury purses, with the emergence of the “it” bag, like the Hermès Birkin and Chanel’s Classic Flap. From ancient gazelle skin to modern-day calfskin, leather has been a vital part of handbag history and allure.

What are the Alternatives?  

With its durability and luxurious appeal, animal leather has long been the primary material for high-quality handbags. Common forms also include goatskin, pigskin, and exotic materials, such as snakes and bison, that are purely hunted for leather. 

With everyday handbags, purses, clutches, and backpacks, Lost Woods offers a timeless, quiet luxury aesthetic. Avoiding the “hippie feel” often associated with eco-friendly brands, this company mixes classic silhouettes with buttery soft fabric and hardware to add edge. The CEO believes that customers shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for their values.  

Animal rights have long played a role in Edwards’ life. After learning about the extensive animal abuse prevalent across industries, finding cruelty-free products in fashion became challenging. Unable to locate a handbag that wasn’t simply plastic, her expertise in marketing and design led to the establishment of her own brand, which emphasized both luxury and sustainability. 

“Leather production involves significant water usage,” Edwards explains. “It takes roughly 17,000 liters of water to produce 1 kilogram of leather. The industry causes water and air pollution from animal waste and tanning chemical runoff (only about 10% of the world’s leather is vegetable-tanned).”

According to the mogul, the livestock industry’s excessive use of antibiotics can also result in antibiotic-resistant bacteria, posing an increased health risk to humans.

“Strangely, while similar cruel materials like fur have been condemned around the world, leather has maintained its image as a desirable luxury product. Apart from greenwashing by the leather industry — I blame the lack of a premium quality, sustainable alternative. It’s my mission to offer that,” says Edwards.


Vegan Shopping Made Easy

Annick Ireland, co-founder and CEO of Immaculate Vegan, went vegan in 2014 after adopting her greyhound and making a link between our beloved pets and the animals harmed in the food and fashion industries. While she found switching to vegan food easy, fashion was much more challenging. 

Immaculate Vegan is a vegan fashion marketplace that brings customers to ethical and sustainable fashion brands from around the world. Featuring brands like Kaila Katherine, Miomojo and Ashoka, the company makes it easier to source a variety of certified eco-friendly products, without the hassle of endless research. It also helps promote brands that often get overshadowed by competitors. 

“I found that there were many fashion-forward vegan brands out there, but they were really hard to find — so I started Immaculate Vegan as an Instagram blog to curate and share the best vegan fashion I could find, to help others looking for ethical and sustainable alternatives. I also wanted to elevate the profile of vegan fashion and show people you can be vegan and stylish too,” says Ireland. 

With new drops every week featuring a variety of silhouettes, colors and more, Immaculate Vegan tailors to all styles and aesthetics. 

“Whether you’re looking for a specific item, or simply for inspiration, we’ll bring you hero products you’ll fall in love with, and game-changing brands you’ll want to get behind,” says Ireland.  


Not All Vegan Leather is Made Equal 

A common greenwashing tactic prevalent in luxury fashion is the use of the word vegan to portray the illusion of eco-friendly products. However, vegan does not always mean sustainable or ethical. Most vegan leather products are actually made from petroleum-based plastics, most commonly: polyurethane (PU) or polyvinyl chloride (vinyl or PVC)

Similar to most plastics, PU and PVC are derived from petroleum or natural gas, and take centuries to break down. When assessing the sustainability credentials of vegan leather, it’s necessary to look at its raw properties and how it’s made. 

“In the end, finding vegan materials is easy — finding vegan materials combined with sustainability and quality is hard,” says Edwards. 

Producing small batches of handbags in Porto, Portugal, a city known for its leather, Lost Woods works with skilled artisans with years of experience in the leather-making business. 

To make its vegan leather, Lost Woods uses a plant-based material, named MIRUM, made from natural tree rubber, natural fibers and fillers, plant oils, and waxes, backed with natural cotton. “Testing has found MIRUM to be incredibly tear, abrasion, water and UV resistant, and it is now approved for use under stringent automotive industry quality standards,” reports Edwards. 

To ensure supply chain safety, Lost Woods requires her partners to sign the Fair Labour Agreement, which establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, record-keeping, and child labor standards. Also embracing a commitment to ethical practices, Immaculate Vegan requires a rigorous questionnaire for all brands, ensuring sustainability and ethics in the four key sectors: materials, manufacturing processes, packaging, and ethical labor.

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An Exclusive Gulf of Mexico Beach House

Luxury seamlessly merges with allure at this retreat on Siesta Key. Nestled in Turtle Beach is an exclusive Gulf of Mexico beach house in Tortoise Estates.

This residence is a haven hidden from beachcombers and sunbathers by 200 feet of environmentally protected rolling sand dunes. The dunes are alive with native vegetation, including sea oats and grapes, inviting local wildlife like gopher tortoises – the estate’s namesake.

Walk along a private serpentine path that connects your home to the Gulf waters and sands of Turtle Beach. This Florida dream home offers a lifestyle of sun, sand, and endless possibilities. 

Sitting right on the Gulf, this 4-bedroom residence offers spectacular views stretching from the Lido Key to the Venice Inlet. 

Formal but open living area

Upon entering, a beautiful staircase or convenient elevator welcomes you to a main floor with cathedral ceilings and a world of opulence. The heart of the home lies in its open-concept living space, featuring a kitchen, family room, and casual dining area. 

The formal but open concept in the living and dining rooms is perfect for intimate gatherings or entertaining large groups of family and friends. Sliding glass doors give way to panoramic views of pristine beaches and manicured landscapes, all of which can be admired from a screened porch. 

The kitchen is well-appointed, with an electric cooktop and a beautiful breakfast bar. Enjoy your morning coffee and mealtime on the deck, with ocean views. 

The family room is brightened by cathedral ceiling windows, anchored by an incredible, two-story stone fireplace that creates a cozy, serene space. The living room is connected to the screened porch by a wall of expansive sliding doors and breathtaking beach views. 


The home’s main level hosts the private primary suite, a sanctuary of high ceilings, abundant natural light, and an ensuite bathroom with a soaking tub, a shower, a vanity with extensive space, and two walk-in closets. 

The bedroom has beach views and sliding doors that open to the covered porch. Floor-to-ceiling screens run the entire length of the home, connecting the family room, kitchen, dining, and living rooms. 

The porch ties the entire main floor together and provides a weather-protected perch to enjoy spectacular Gulf views and mesmerizing sunsets. 

A private office with a wall of built-in drawers and glass cabinets is the perfect venue for remote working and completes the main living level. 

Next, the upper level offers a perfect oasis for family or guests. Two spacious bedroom suites offer sliding glass doors onto an expansive sundeck. Your guests can enjoy a private sunbathing space with incredible views. A third bedroom is flooded with natural light and overlooks the front of the property.

The ground floor has a covered entry just off the circular driveway that opens to a two-story entry hall, stairway, and private elevator servicing all three floors. This floor also includes garages for three cars and storage for kayaks, water-sports, bikes, and outdoor gear.


A finished, expansive recreation room with tile floors opens to a private outdoor oasis through glass sliding doors. Step outside to find beautiful landscaping, a sun-drenched patio, a heated saltwater swimming pool, an oversized heated spa, and an outdoor shower. 

Embrace the natural beauty, savor the beachside bliss, and celebrate the vibrant culture surrounding your perfect home in Siesta Key every day.

We invite you to view the complete property listing. 

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A Luxury Holiday Gift Guide

Tis’ the season of giving gifts that aren’t just wrapped in paper, but the warmth of unforgettable experiences. This holiday season, we’re unwrapping a wide variety of unique and indulgent wonders that cater to every interest. Whether you’re shopping for the life of the party, a self-care enthusiast, or someone you’ll find snuggled by the fireplace all year round, explore the ultimate holiday gift guide to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.



Baloo Living Weighted Blanket

Wrap your loved ones in the embrace of comfort and tranquility with the Baloo Living Weighted Blanket. Crafted from 100% premium cotton and filled with lead-free glass beads, this quilted masterpiece promotes cozy moments by the fireplace and well-rested sleep. Choose from five soothing colors like silver sage and forest green, and enjoy the warmth of a gift that’s not just luxurious but also eco-friendly, packaged without a trace of plastic. Give the gift of serene nights and sustainable living this holiday season.



EspressoWorks All-In-One Espresso & Cappuccino Machines

Transform your kitchen into a barista’s heaven with one of EspressoWorks Pro’s All-in-One Espresso and cappuccino machines. Bid farewell to expensive lattes as these machines grind premium coffee beans, brew up to shots of espresso, and froths milk with just the touch of a button. Impress friends and family with professional-quality coffee, featuring latte cappuccino art pens, art stencil sets, and a stainless steel frothing pitcher. Elevate your morning ritual and enjoy next-level coffee experiences from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Thermowood Mini-Cube Sauna – 2 Person

Turn every day into a spa day with the Two-Person Outdoor Sauna featuring Thermowood. Indulge in the ultimate relaxation as this mini-cube sauna quickly heats up to 195°F, offering both wet and dry sauna experiences. With its exclusive design, easy assembly, and high-quality heater from the world’s leading manufacturer, this sauna brings luxury spa treatments right to your doorstep. Gift the bliss of rejuvenation this holiday season to hard workers, wellness enthusiasts, or anyone deserving of a self-care haven at home.

The Ultimate Holiday Margarita Kit from Twisted Alchemy

Elevate the spirits of the party host or mixology enthusiast with Twisted Alchemy’s Award-Winning Ultimate Holiday Margarita Kit. Immerse yourself in the world of premium cocktails with three bottles of 100% cold-pressed juices, dehydrated fruits, and unique spices. Featuring flavors like pomegranate, blood orange, and a citrus medley, along with hand-crafted rimmers and professional-grade tools, this kit allows you to shake up perfection at every gathering. Impress your guests and savor a fresh, additive-free juice experience with Twisted Alchemy.

Kim Oster-Holstein, co-founder, and chief alchemy officer at Twisted Alchemy is dedicated to infusing the party atmosphere with vibrant and fresh flavors with high-quality ingredients that ignite the senses. She says, “Our cold Presses Blood Orange Juice is made up of 22 fresh Moro blood oranges and nothing else!”

Proxies Non-Alcoholic Wine Tasting Set

Bring complexity and quality to holiday gatherings with the Proxies Non-Alcoholic Spirits Assortment. Explore the unique flavors of Shuru (hints of raspberry and lime), Gold Crush (hints of peach and kiwi), Blanc Slate (hints of grapefruit, kiwi), and Red Ember (hints of blackberry, blueberry). This bestselling starter set is the perfect companion to any dish, enhancing the dining experience with a blend of complex fruit flavors, spice notes, and acids. Elevate your celebrations without the hangover, making each sip a beautiful culinary journey.


Belle Cheese Board Assortment

Celebrate the art of cheese with the Belle Cheese Board Assortment, the best holiday gift for the taste buds. Featuring delights like rich goat cheeses, artisan crackers, Italian black truffles, peach compote, and more, this assortment transforms any gathering into a gourmet tasting experience. Crafted by Pierre Guérin, president, and co-owner of Belle Chevre, Inc., this collection offers a variety of textures and flavors, ensuring your cheese board steals the spotlight at every holiday party. Elevate your hosting game with this unique and delectable assortment.

Guérin says, “Our marinated chèvre, our grape leaf-wrapped goat cheese, and our “log in a cup” spreadable product offers a variety of textures and flavors which, together with the crunchy crackers and spicy compotes, is all you need to get the party started!”

Rabbit Air’s A3 Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier

Looking to gift the perfect blend of health and innovation this holiday season? Consider the Rabbit Air A3 Air Purifier, a top-tier solution for clean and fresh indoor air. Crafted with cutting-edge technology, this sleek purifier boasts a 6-stage filtration system, efficiently tackling airborne particles, allergens, and odors. The A3’s smart sensors adapt to changing air quality, ensuring optimal performance. Its compact design suits any space, making it an ideal present for loved ones who prioritize well-being. With features like a customizable mood light and ultra-quiet operation, the Rabbit Air A3 enhances both the ambiance and air quality of any home. Give the gift of pure, revitalizing air to your friends and family, promoting a healthier and happier environment throughout the festive season.

Il Domenico Gift Basket

Embark on a culinary journey to Tuscany with the IL DOMENICO Gift Basket. Curated by Dominick DiBartolomeo, owner of The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, this gift basket transports you to the countryside with the finest Italian cheeses, wines, pasta, and more. Indulge in the richness of delights like Pecorino Toscano, Calabrian peppers, and more, accompanied by a bottle of rich red wine. Celebrate the joy of Italian cuisine with this meticulously crafted basket, perfect for travelers and lovers of gourmet foods.

“With seasonal delights like panettone and Tuscan crackers, accompanied by fresh pasta, anchovies in oil, Mediterranean olive tapenade, authentic pesto, and a bottle of incredible red wine, every bite is a celebration of Italian tradition,” says DiBartolomeo.


Dyson Purifier Humidifier+Cool Formaldehyde

Welcome the holiday season with clean and purified air by giving the Dyson Purifier Humidifier+Cool Formaldehyde. For the tech lover, homebody, or wellness enthusiast, this device automatically senses, captures, and traps pollutants, ensuring a 99.9% reduction in all viable bacteria. Detecting and eliminating formaldehyde while improving air quality, this purifier is a must-have during flu season. Create a healthy and refreshing environment for holiday get-togethers with Dyson’s cutting-edge technology.


Photo courtesy of Dyson
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An Incomparable Estate in Peterborough, New Hampshire

This incomparable Peterborough, New Hampshire Estate sprawls across 340 acres of picturesque forest land, with stunning long-range mountain views, mature gardens, and lovely stonework. 

A private driveway leads you to a welcoming entryway. You are welcomed to this estate by a charming courtyard and grand mahogany front door. 

Panoramic View

Initially built in 1890, this home underwent a significant renovation in 2016. A striking great room is centered around a large fireplace. High ceilings and ample windows allow you to overlook the patio and views beyond the expansive backyard. 

A spacious chef’s kitchen boasts a large granite island with a copper sink and a separate full-sized refrigerator and freezer. A light-filled breakfast alcove offers a lovely addition. 

Great Room with Fire Place

The exceptional primary bedroom has an ensuite bath on the same level. Three additional bedrooms make up the second level of the home, two of which have private sitting rooms. 

On the lower level is the private entrance to an in-law suite. This suite includes a living room, full bath, bedroom, and eat-in kitchen. Across are two additional bedrooms, a sitting room, and a lovely music room. On this level, you will also find a 2-car garage. 

This exquisite estate is conveniently located just 50 minutes from Manchester-Boston Regional Airport and 90 minutes from Boston Logan International Airport. 

We invite you to visit the complete property listing.

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