Spruce Up Your Bedroom with 2020’s Color Trends

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From dusty lilac to vibrant mango, 2020 is the year of experimenting with color.


With spring in full bloom, flowers of every color are popping up in every corner. From pastel tulips to vibrant primrose, who doesn’t love the season’s natural beauty? It’s the perfect time of the year to take advantage of the sense of renewal spring has to offer, and bring the outdoors inside by freshening up your bedroom with this year’s color trends.

Red Pepper

What better way to make a statement than by incorporating elements of red pepper into your bedroom? If you’re feeling adventurous, contrast red with cool tones such as navy blue, dark green and white. You can also pair the color with warmer tones of beige, light pink and pale yellow to make any space more inviting.

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Dusty Lilac

Whether you’re looking to soften your bedroom or add a bit more femininity to an otherwise dull space, dusty lilac is a color you can count on at any time of the year. Found in flowers like tulips and hyacinth, lilac captures everything that spring is about. Because it’s an easygoing color, you can add as many elements of lilac as you want without overwhelming your space. Want to spruce up a white room but don’t want to add too much color? Try painting a dusty lilac accent wall!


There are countless shades of blue, but which is the best for a home in the springtime? Bluebird! Light and modern, bluebird is a color that matches perfectly with warmer tones, such as mango and red, and looks gorgeous in any style room. Decorate your bedroom with hints of bluebird by adding bedding, wall art and pillows. 


Timeless, fresh and bright, mint is the go-to color for every time of the year. Need a place to put your butter yellow daffodils? Grab a mint vase, throw in a bouquet and place it near a windowsill to spruce up your space. If your bedroom doesn’t get a lot of sunlight, brighten it up by painting the walls mint.

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Looking to add a pop of color to any corner of your home? Mango is the shade for you! Play it safe with hints of mango, such as pillows on your bed and vases to hold fresh flowers from your garden, or go bold with a mango chair or rug that just sings “spring!”

When designing a child’s bedroom, the typical idea is to create a space with a bright, happy atmosphere. Finding the line between fun and playful to childish and unfashionable can be a thin one. It’s important to keep this space clean and stylish, without making it too modern or uncomfortable. Here are a few ways to find the perfect balance:

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1. Storage Space


The many toys and games a child has creates the need for just as much storage space to organize it all. To keep the clutter away, choose a bed frame that includes built-in storage underneath. The mess that’s usually found under a child’s bed is now tucked neatly away in drawers, to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.


2. A Colorful Canvas

The key to decorating a child’s bedroom is balancing the tones and color schemes, in order to create a happy childlike atmosphere. Look toward colorful pieces to balance out more subtle tones. This way, the space will look warm and inviting while not feeling cluttered and chaotic. A bright, colorful rug like the one below can add a fun, youthful piece to an otherwise modern room. Shelving is also a great way to add color to a child’s room. While not too overbearing in its appearance, the bright color is a modern and stylish way to keep a kid’s room on trend.

Photo courtesy of Go Modern

Photo courtesy of 111 Leroy

Photo courtesy of The Alyn

3. Balance Between Modern and Warm

 Designing a child’s room is also finding a balance between modern and functional while creating a warm and welcoming space. The goal is to avoid scattered and outdated designs. A designer’s trick is to use both warm and colorful tones with function in mind. Deep greens, browns, reds, and blues create a sanctuary that’s both stylish and comfortable. In this bedroom at the Alyn, shown below, a neutral color palette alongside other playful elements to maintain the balance.


Photo courtesy of 100 Barclay

Lisa Adams, CEO and lead designer of LA Closet Design, the Los Angeles-based firm that changed the way we look at our closets, is ready to unveil her very own first-ever dream dressing room and closet, and we’d love to offer you a peek inside.  

After a decade of conceiving, designing and building fantasy-inspired spaces for celebrities, billionaires and tastemakers around the world, she finally put her experience to work in meshing form and fashion with high functionality in the creation of her own master closet, dressing room and handbag closet.

As she does with all her clients, her closet flows seamlessly with her home’s prevailing aesthetic as well as reflects her very own personal style. The result is a chic, elegant and soothing place in which to start her day and house her most precious belongings.

Everything in the closets reflect Lisa’s taste for timeless elegance from the pale palate and soft touches to Hermes ceiling wallpaper, custom Portola paint color created just for Lisa (she even got to name it – Closet Cashmere) and the bold but spare geometric LED brass light fixtures.

As the creative force behind LA Closet Design, Lisa’s vision is to create “personalized dressing spaces to calm the chaos of everyday living.” Her inspiration for maximizing and beautifying closet spaces came about while working for a kitchen design firm.

Seeing the great level of interest both from home owners and investors in making kitchens the new gathering space (and selling point), and a space worthy of living in and showing off, she realized that closets were the next great frontier.

Traditionally seen and used as a space for storage and a place where the door is always closed, Lisa decided to approach the closet as a new living space where homeowners could lounge, prepare, entertain and even “shop” their own closet (a concept she conceived after falling in love with the design of Armani stores).

In her career, she has created spaces for a notable client base, including Christina Aguilera, Reese Witherspoon, Tyra Banks, Khloe Kardashian, Ray Romano and Kris Jenner, among many others.

Enjoy the fun of Bohemian details and the comfort of mountain inspiration with the addition of some clean lines and modern finishes to achieve Bohemia Mountain Chic. These perfectly blended concepts will transform any space, whether it’s a penthouse apartment or a vacation ski-home in Colorado. Color, textures, patterns, and more will help bring the colorful ease that can already be found in Residence 501 West in Snowmass Base Village.

This style is undeniable fun and full of surprises, including a mixture of patterns and textures, pops of unexpected color, greenery, and calming tomes. The addition of natural materials, such as the various wooden surfaces have a way or working together rather than competing with other elements in the space.



Start with a simple base that will support your accents.

A neutral wall color may feel like a bland move but it creates a canvas for creativity around the room. A lighter shade on the walls will also give the impression of open space. This will also help if the space begins to feel overcrowded or busy.

Botanicals are a big part of any Bohemian look.

Natural elements, such as greenery are a great way to tie the outdoors and indoors together without flooding the room with oversized plants that are difficult to care for. A few plants displayed in a glass vase bring that little bit of life into the room. If there are large windows in the room the spattering of the outside is highlighted to add the perfect touch.


Get creative with patterns and textures.

It’s okay to mix and match in this situation. This tactic will not take away from the modern feel if it is done properly. Trying new textiles and fabrics offer up and opportunity for creativity. It can be surprising what colors will actually work well together. If the room begins to feel a little disjointed or unorganized, try using a neutral color scheme but in a variety of textures.

Other Tips

— Mix bright colors with metalic accents. Nothing makes color pop like a smooth reflective surface or a shining accent. This sleek nature also adds to the modern feel.

— Natural elements, such as a wooden table and some greenery mesh well with classic Bohemian details.

— Be bold with colors!

— Don’t’ be afraid to layer fabrics and materials.

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Gone are the days where bedrooms consisted of loud, mismatched colors, oak-colored furniture, and stuffed animal infestations.


Kids’ bedroom decor has evolved greatly over the past few years. Today, kid room décor is more sophisticated and purposeful than ever before.


In order to explore some trends in Children Bedroom Decor, we spoke to Dania Farhat, the CEO of Decor For Kids — an inspirational platform for everything kids decor.

Photo courtesy of Credit to @gracefullgrit

Neutral colors


Neutral colors are not only popular in common areas of the home, but in kid spaces as well. Neutral colors are great for kids’ bedrooms because as children grow, their tastes and styles change with them. With neutral colors, a room design can be easily transformed. All you need is to switch out accents and accessories, and you have a whole new room design!

Photo courtesy of @daniafarhatinteriors



Wallpaper has gained popularity again. It is a great way to add character, texture and interest to a space. Wallpaper prints have become softer and larger in scale. Wallpaper is now more commonly used on a focal wall and serves as inspiration for the entire room design.

Photo courtesy of @mrcurtiselmy



The floral trend is going strong. Floral decor used in kids’ bedrooms brings in a bright and cheery touch.


The paper flower business has boomed tremendously over the past couple of years. They are customizable and come in different variations, colors and styles. Floral wall decals are another type of floral decor. They also come in various sizes, colors and styles. This is a great way to add texture and variety to a space without being committed long term. Wall murals are used as a dramatic way to bring floral themes into a space. There are some beautiful variations available. Bold and larger floral prints are currently trending.

Photo courtesy of @nanlindy

Photo courtesy of @terra_cotta_decor

Photo courtesy of @daniafarhatinteriors

Themed bedrooms



Themed bedrooms are very much on trend and the designs have gotten much more elaborate over the years. Themed rooms are fun because this allows you to get super creative, and allows the child to have their ultimate dream space tailored to what they are passionate about!

Personalized Wall Decor



Personalized wall decor is all the rage these days. They come in different variations and add a personal touch to a kid’s room. There are so many cute personalized wall decor options available.

Photo courtesy of @rblasingame

Whether it’s made from rattan, leather or wood, a stylish headboard is an essential component within any bedroom.


You may choose to opt for a modern, sleek design or choose a rustic, vintage look. No matter your preferences, CB2 offers a range of custom-designed headboards that will allow you to sleep soundly, comfortably and stylishly.

Ray Marquetry Headboard


Boasting a visually striking design by Zak Rose, this headboard combines deco-inspired embellishments with clean modern design. The square mindi wood headboard also draws the eye with its unique starburst design.

Dondra Tall Headboard


These upcycled headboards are made from reclaimed teak planks salvaged from homes no longer in use in India. Hand-planed smooth, each plank pattern is unique with variegated tone, active grain, natural knots, splits and markings.

Alchemy Tall Bronze Headboard


This elegant bronze headboard was designed by Barcelona-based Mermelada Estudio, who wanted to dream up a modern interpretation of a vintage bed.

Segment Cane Headboard


In this design, Mermelada Estudio combines the solid language of a simple wood structure with the lightness of perforated mesh to create a fresh take on the traditional. Subtle whitewash stain surfaces the oak’s natural grain and beauty to create a headboard that’s both cozy and modern.

Façade Tall Navy Velvet Headboard


This clean and sophisticated design is created with lustrous cotton velvet and foam-cushioned hardwood.

Photos credit CB2

Whether it’s with a large walk-in closet, over-the-top bathroom or cozy living area, the master bedroom is no longer just a place to sleep. Focused on a well-rounded luxurious lifestyle, these tips will bring your master suite to the next level.

Photo by Shay Velich | Room Resolutions

Create a Place to Unwind


Add elegance to a space by placing an armchair in the corner of a bedroom, and complete it with a matching throw pillow. Throw pillows offer the perfect opportunity for a pop of color, from shiny, burnt orange to textured, mint blue. If there is space to do so, homeowners may even choose to recreate a living area in their master suite — complete with a full-size couch, coffee table and fireplace.

Merging warm colors with comforting textures, this master suite — located within Harford Manor, a 40-acre estate near Windsor, Berkshire — exemplifies a luxury lifestyle without sacrificing that “homey” feel.

This bedroom, designed by Room Resolutions, creates balance using mint throw pillows and sleek, white chairs. 


Photo (above) by Shay Velich | Room Resolutions


Photo (left) courtesy of Quada

Design with Self Care in Mind


Whether it’s with a spa-like bathtub, refreshing rain shower or relaxing sauna, master baths are all about embracing luxury in 2018. As self-care increasingly becomes a priority, homeowners are spending nearly just as much time in their bathrooms as their bedrooms. In turn, the bathroom is becoming a higher priority among interior designers — with new additions including faux greenery, backlit mirrors and creative storage.

Photo courtesy of Quada

Get Creative with Storage


Complete with sleek coat hooks and organized cubbies for boots and pocketbooks, this walk-in closet merges the need for storage with stylish design. Using orange accents, modern lighting and neutral colors, this space is about more than just function. With bright lighting and ample seating space, designers are redefining the closet — transforming them from a functional storage area into a stylish place to spend time.

Photo courtesy of Quada

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