Art-Centric Home is a Work of Art Itself

A home inspired by art and designed to showcase master works becomes a work of art in itself.

Upscale properties are often conceived to showcase art, but it’s rare to find an estate comparable to the villa featured on our cover. Known as The Chow Residence, the home was built by the legendary restaurateur Michael Cho and Eva Chow. It reflects their passion for art. Not only is it designed to display an exceptional collection, but it could also be considered a work of art itself. Like all masterpieces, this property is the result of seven years of careful curation and construction.

For inspiration, the owners looked to the Reina Sofía museum in Madrid, the curved ceilings at the Pradro, the Lanvin atelier in Paris and the elevators at the Hermés, eventually hiring Mexican architect Humberto Arigas to bring their vision to fruition. Here Spanish architecture, Art Deco, Venetian influences, contemporary art and Chinese antiquities happily mix with 400-year-old Moorish columns and 18th century Florentine ceilings in a diverse palette that seems ideally suited to the magnitude of the structure. The centerpiece is a dramatic two-story, 30-foot tall atrium from which rooms on two levels branch out.

The lower level is devoted to collections and amusements, including space for a collection of vintage cars, extensive wine storage and an underground theater.

Museum quality rooms are only one quality that makes this property exceptional. The location is the best street in the city. “Mapleton Drive is as good as it gets,” says Jeff Hyland, who along with his partner Rick Hilton, is marketing the estate. It is also one of the very few sites in Holmby Hills offering a view of downtown Los Angeles. A rooftop deck is oriented for these premium views, and the addition of a kitchen and a bar make it ideal for entertaining. “You can have 100 people up there,” Hyland adds. Hilton & Hyland is offering the property at $78 million.