How To Weather The Decor Dilemmas of Modern Farmhouse

Photo by Bert Vanderveen, Verellen Furniture

Revamping past trends is hardly a new concept, but modernizing farmhouse decor can still be a challenge. Avoid cliches and break away from traditional choices that can make a space feel themed and overdone.
Focused designs call for a certain amount of balance, which is a great place to start when shopping for a specific space.

Weathered Works

Rustic and weathered pieces will be rightfully tempting. Not only do these looks add a cozy and comfortable feel to most rooms, but they’re inherently a large part of Farmhouse decor. The best way to avoid overdoing it with rustic and weathered styles is to pair them with their opposites.
Wood and stone look great with clean lines and smooth finishes. Soft fabrics and plush rugs can also be combined with natural components that will stand out among diverse materials.

Photo courtesy of Woodland Creek Furniture

Photo courtesy of Woodland Creek Furniture

Accents Not Props

Accents are the perfect opportunity to bring your room to life. A carefully chosen accent can be playful while unifying. A thoughtfully selected plant, antique sign, or a modern piece of art is an opportunity to personalize a space.
Overly obvious props will make a room feel staged. Repurposed mason jars are a thing of the past, but unique pictures of nature or wildlife are a smart way to tie in classic aspects without over-decorating.

A Touch of Nature

One or two natural elements can go a long way in Modern Farmhouse Decor. Choose a focal point to find inspiration and then build around it. Materials such as stone can be paired with modern touches to create a balanced look.
It’s easy for a modern look to take over, but polished surfaces and vibrant colors still have a place in Modern Farmhouse decor when they work together with other influences.

             Stone Forrest Natural Bathtub

Photo by Bert Vanderveen, Verellen Furniture

Neutral Not Boring

Neutral colors such as tan and gray urge accents to really pop. A textured, gray fabric will highlight greenery or the subtle reds in a brick wall. Neutral flooring and walls are another way to keep Farmhouse decor modern.
Painted wood floors or a rustic paint job over brick is key to sprucing up traditional farmhouse elements.