By Marlene Ridgeway

Beverage companies around the world are building brands aimed to be inclusive, sustainable, and satisfying. These recipes and ready-to-drink creations are perfect by the pool, at the beach, or as an afternoon refresher.

Teremana Tequila

Among the peaks of the Jalisco Highland mountains is a small town in Mexico where mature, naturally sweet agave is harvested, slow roasted in brick ovens, and then distilled in copper pot stills that are homemade by a local artisan. This is where Teremana Tequila is created.

The word teremana is a combination of the Latin word for earth and the Polynesian word meaning spirit, translating to the spirit of the earth. Appreciation for the land is a notion that shines through the brand of ultra-premium tequila. At Destilería Teremana de Agave, founded by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the tequila-making process is an artform, crafted through traditions with attention to detail in small batches.

The brand offers three types of tequila — Añejo, Blanco, and Reposado — and recipes that will enliven taste buds. Enjoy everything from a traditional margarita to Teremana Spice Pomegranate Punch, made with Blanco and pomegranate juice, to the Mana Mexican Coffee with a rich flavor that pairs perfectly with freshly whipped cream.

Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits

From gin, rum, and tequila, to vermouth and even triple sec, Lyre’s non-alcohol spirits remain true to the flavor of the classics with a sophisticated scope of ingredients, natural essences, extracts, and distillates. “We at Lyre’s are extremely proud to be the world’s most awarded non-alcoholic spirits,” says Joshua Carlos, senior vice president of Lyre’s. “Lyre’s was crafted to give consumers the adult flavor profile of a cocktail without alcohol,” notes Carlos.

The company offers almost every spirit you can think of, making many of your favorite cocktails possible. Spirits, pre-mixed, and ready-to-drink options provide something for everyone. “I could never turn down an ice-cold Amalfi Spritz. Perfect for beach days, sunsets, brunch, or even a rainy day,” says Carlos about one of his favorites.

Lyre’s Pink London Spritz

2 oz. Lyre’s Pink London Spirit
2 oz. Lyre’s Classico*
1 oz. premium bottled tonic water or soda water or lemonade
5 raspberries or berry of choice
2 lemon slices

Method: Build all ingredients in glass with ice. Stir.
Glass: Large Wine Glass

Adapt Drinks Relax

Adapt Drinks Relax would like to be your new go-to after-work beverage, or your favorite weekend potion to take the edge off. Considering replacing your traditional glass of wine, but don’t want to give up the ritual? Adapt Drinks Relax was designed by women with women in mind. The brand is a non-alcoholic, zero sugar, all-natural, sparkling water with adaptogenic herbs that can emulate the feeling you get after that first glass of wine. This is a functional beverage company that allows you to kick the side effects of alcohol to the curb.

Non Alcoholic Beverages

According to an Adapt representative, 87 percent of customers attest that Adapt made them feel more relaxed. What does the trick? Part of the magic is L-theanine, an amino acid that’s not commonly found in our everyday diets. The amino acid advances relaxation without the typical drowsiness that comes with alcohol.

Some other ingredients include Schisandra Chinensis and Panax ginseng. The company’s second flavor is set to hit the shelves later in 2022, which will include an indigenous Australian ingredient.

High Goal Luxury Gin

High Goal Luxury Gin

A fresh take on American gin has been achieved by High Goal Luxury Gin. With an appreciation for the classic spirit, High Goal Gin was co-founded by Matti Christian Anttila, CEO of Grain and Barrel Spirits, and the American polo player Nic Roldan. After a casual polo match, the trio was complete when co-founder Diego Urrutia introduced Roldan to Anttila. The three worked to create a brand that appealed to long-time gin drinkers and those who were new to the spirit.

Created in Charleston, South Carolina, High Goal Gin is infused with mint and citrus botanicals. These ingredients bring a lighter and refreshing note to the gin. This luxury brand boasts an approachable profile of flavors.

The Roldan

2 oz. High Goal Gin
Muddled strawberries
Basil as garnish
Method: Place strawberries in a shaker and muddle (or mash with a spoon). Add gin and ice to the shaker, and shake a few times. Pour into a stemless wine glass.
Add garnish.

Wilderton Botanical Distillate

Wilderton Botanical Distillate

Wilderton is a brand of non-alcoholic expressions. In Portland, Oregon, the team works by hand using traditional methods of tea making, perfumery, and alcoholic spirits to bring Wilderton to life. “Wilderton is truly about inclusivity. Everyone deserves a seat at the bar, and everyone at the bar deserves a great drink,” says founding distiller Seth O’Malley.

Some simple recipes are the Lustre and tonic with a lemon twist, and Earthen and ginger beer with a lime wedge. “If you’re willing to put in a little more work, I highly recommend Jim Meehan’s Early Toast, an elegant shaken cocktail that shows off Lustre’s citrus and herbal notes. Incredibly refreshing and perfect for a lazy brunch,” adds O’Malley.