Prague – A Journey To the Past

By Brigitte Sinoradzki

On every person’s bucket list should be a visit to Prague. Located in the heart of Europe, the capital of the Czech Republic produces architectural awe to all visitors. With functioning structures dating back centuries, a stroll through Prague will make you feel like you fell back to a time where knights on horseback tore through the winding streets.

visiting prague

A Walk Fit for a King

One of the most classic things to do when you visit Prague is to take a stroll from Old Town Square, across the majestic Charles Bridge, and up to the Prague Castle. Taking in the views as you go, A must-see is the Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square. The clock is the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world, having been erected in 1410. It is also the oldest known clock still in operation today. Studying the details on the clock is fascinating for old and young alike.

Prague Astronomical Clock

Walking along through the el-fresco dining lined streets, you’ll find your way to the Vltava River, which flows through the center of Prague, neatly dividing it into East and West. The Charles Bridge is the main bridge that connects the two sides, although there are many others — though less ornate and with less historical significance. Construction on this bridge started in 1357 and it was completed in the 15th century. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and is decorated by 30 baroque-style statues of various saints, seemingly keeping an eye on the people crossing over the bridge. 

Charles bridge Prague

On the west side of the bridge, you’ll find many magical and historical stops on the walk to the Prague Castle. As you climb higher up the hill, you’ll find more and more panoramic views of Prague’s ancient skyline. Photo opportunities abound! 

The gothic structure that is the Prague Castle sits intimidatingly on the highest point overlooking the rest of Prague. With steep arches and gargoyles keeping watch, the structure is mesmerizing both inside and out. Inside the castle, you will find beautiful stained glass windows, statues, and a ceiling so high it’s impossible to fathom how it was built in 870 without the use of modern construction techniques. 

Prague Castle

Drinking and Dining for Everyone

The Czech Republic gives Ireland a run for its money when it comes to beer drinking. It is actually the number one beer drinking country per capita. Known for deliciously crafted beer, you’ll find a brewery on nearly every street you turn on. A beer enthusiasts dream come true, Prague is known for its delicious pilsners. 

Insider tip: “Pivo” is how you say beer in Czech, and Staropramen is one of the best local brews. 

After all that walking and, perhaps, beer, it’s important to take note of the food in Prague. The Czech Republic is infamous for heavy stews like goulash and a dish offered in nearly every restaurant, “svickova”, which is delectable cuts of meat served with dumplings and gravy. Smoked meats of every type are abundant, and you’ll be able to find the butcher by simply following your nose. 

Prague outdoor dining

On the lighter side, there are so many different types of cuisines offered in Prague. In the warmer months, the streets are lined with outdoor dining. Another tip is to seek out Italian restaurants. Most of these restaurants are opened by Italians who have moved to Prague, and the food is fresh, authentic, and fit for even the most particular palate. From salads to thin-crust pizza and pasta dishes, you can’t go wrong.

The capital city of the Czech Republic truly has something for everyone. It is a lively city — you’ll find as much to do at 3am as you will at noon. Not to be missed, make sure that Prague makes it onto your list of places to visit.