With hand-crafted and hand-tailored pieces made in Portugal with the finest materials available, Circu designs creative, extravagant, high-quality, colorful yet sophisticated pieces, allowing children to take their imagination on a playful journey without ever leaving home.

“Every child’s room will shine even brighter with Circu’s latest and most unique pieces. Designed with care and dedication, they are the ideal reflection of comfort and well-being for children.” says brand CEO,
Carolina Costa.

Circu proclaims to build “under a dream,” that dream being to, “allow children to live their own fantasies and create a magical world for them to fly under an imagination that has no limit.” The company’s core values, magic, purity, naivety, color, and soul, are present in each and every piece it creates, giving children an exciting experience with every design.

The Vixey kid’s bed (pictured in the blog cover), inspired by the beloved 1981 Disney classic “The Fox and the Hound,” provides both comfort and wonder to little slumberers. Vixey resembles a giant fox with warm orange tones, complete with a fuzzy tail, making it a fun and dreamy essential piece for little adventurers and zoologists alike to curl up and enjoy a peaceful rest.

Cloud Cradle

Circu has recently ventured into the world of babies with the Cloud Cradle — a maximum security, dreamy piece providing babies with a peaceful sleep in a unique and stylish crib.

Lotus Armchair

The Lotus Armchair acts as a statement piece while maintaining maximum comfiness. Inspired by the Lotus flower, this chair acts as a perfect reading corner seat or a soft spot for little ones to unwind.

Cloud Lamp

Lewis is a brand new, cozy series of seating designed to “provide a touch of class, as well as a feeling of mysticism and magic, through their elegant curves.” The purple accents paired with the unique shapes and structures aim to add an element of trendiness to these plush pieces that are sure to beautify any room.

Lighting doesn’t have to be basic with these eccentric Periwinkle Suspension lamps. Available in different formats, all inspired by the small Periwinkle flower, these lamps will bring life to every corner of the room.

Cuddle chairs

Cuddle chairs are an essential in any young child’s room, and this neutral yet unique rocking chair fits the role perfectly. Paired with an ottoman and available as a regular arm chair, this plush seat will bring comfort and relaxation to any space.

Circu has a grand selection of many more products that are just as exciting as their newer pieces.

The Cloud Lamp is another awe-inspiring suspension lamp resembling a big, fluffy, white cloud. Made with an innovative material, this lamp is designed in several layers and is completely fire retardant.

Features include a sleep assistant as well as a lighting and sound system complete with a remote control. Your little one can fall asleep while gazing at this big beautiful cloud that lulls them to sleep with whatever music you choose.

Bubble Gum Gym

Circu also creates incredible play areas, such as the Bubble Gum Gym, inspired by a traditional playground.

With its exceptionally fun elements and adorable pastel color theme, children can enjoy physical play and exercise in style — complete with a rock wall, a swing chair, slide, and even a climbing rope.

Perhaps the best part is that it’s perfectly safe for children — the Bubble Gum Gym includes LED features, along with a soft, plush, velvet rug on the bottom to ensure that kids are able to play and explore freely without getting hurt.

Fantasy Air Balloon Lounge

Kids can embark on a journey high up through the clouds with the Fantasy Air Balloon Lounge. This whimsical, hot air balloon-inspired lounge features a comfy circular sofa and a round center table, complete with storage, making it the perfect spot to let your imagination run wild, study, or relax. It even features a color changing light and sound system. What’s even more miraculous is that this lounge can be turned into a bed!