The Cosmic Balance of Design

New York designer Aimée Wilder explores Eudaimonia, a Greek word commonly translated as happiness or “human flourishing,” in her collection of wallpapers, fabrics, rug and accessories. From the effects of the moon on the evolution of the natural world to the impact of astrological phenomenon, Wilder captures the many ways surroundings can influence our psychological state, and contribute to overall wellness.

“This collection was born through finding balance and stability in my own life,” says Wilder. “Once I learned that living to work instead of working to live, along with incorporating methods like Vedic meditation and natural healing into my daily routine, was able to create a peaceful environment around me, I hoped to thoughtfully reflect that feeling in each design.”

Eudaimonia consists of two wallpaper and fabric patterns, Pyramide du Soleil and Earthlight, with an additional rug pattern, Eclipse. All three patterns reflect the natural balance between the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon, evoking the beauty of cosmic balance. With this collection, Wilder introduces a new construction for commercial fabrics, tested for 50,000 double rubs and available with a range of protective coatings including anti-microbial and stain coating. In addition, for the first time, Wilder will offer wallpaper printed in Brooklyn, New York, where she resides and operates her design studio.

Pyramide du Soleil is a subtly optical pattern manifesting the ancient Sun’s shadow and its balance with the earth, Pyramide du Soleil features pyramid and Sun as they represent the illusive quality of time. It integrates pyramids and circles with sophisticated diagonals and horizontal stripes, inspired by the continuous synchronicity that exists between the earth and the Moon.

Earthlight focuses on the waxing and waning cycles of the Moon’s phases in an eye-catching, geometric pattern across wallpaper and fabric design. Named for the scientific phenomenon in which sunlight reflected from Earth’s surface indirectly illuminates the otherwise dark side of the Moon, Earthlight is sure to brighten any space.

Eclipse showcases the inversion of colors in this rug design suggests the effects of an Eclipse, a harbinger of change in the daily life that acts as a guiding hand when questioning one’s path. With a boldness that invokes a new take on a vintage aesthetic, the Eclipse rug comes in a range of warm tones that will add a welcoming touch to a room.

Pyramide du Soleil

Photos courtesy Aimee Wilder.


Photo by ©Dylan Chandler 2018.


Photos courtesy Aimee Wilder.

All photos courtesy haberdashery.

As cities grow ever taller, parts of the ground level below become starved of light just like a rainforest floor. Helio Ray, haberdashery’s latest concept, aims to bring the sunshine back in metropolitan areas. The conceptual idea from the London-based design studio is engineered to redirect sunlight from above the skyline and bring it back down the side of buildings.


“Sunlight has a huge effect on our physiology and wellbeing,” explains Ben Rigby, co-founder and creative director. “It influences our circadian rhythms, provides vitamin D and illuminates our environment, bringing the true colour out of the surfaces, architecture and the urban grain. Our ambition was to create a focal point using sunlight in order to reinvigorate areas that had become disenfranchised from the life-affirming effects of the sunshine from way above.”


Mounted on the top of a tall building, Helio Ray is fuelled by light collected from a Heliostat, a mechanized mirrored surface that automatically tracks the sun and gathers it into a concentrated beam. It then abstracts this beam of light when reflecting off a second custom-designed reflector that sends the resulting shafts of light down the side of a building, creating “god ray” effects.


This slow variation in surface provides a slowly evolving pattern of reflected light, whilst perfectly controlling the extremities of the overall light effect so as to only fall on specified building surfaces. The effect comes and goes just like the real sun above, so is a true extension of the actual sun’s reach. It is visible from all surrounding buildings, providing a stunning, calming intervention in juxtaposition to the static, man-made urban grain of most cities.


The studio believes Helio Ray can bring a “sense of wonder and pride back into areas that had evolved into transient spaces lost in shadow, reinventing them as landmark destinations.” Such installations can also help hasten city planning by providing a quicker, less complicated path of incorporating infrastructure projects.


Alternatively, this concept further lends a hand toward haberdashery itself that explores the uses of light and how it can invoke a positive emotional response with the public.

By Mia Ingui


“Although the building has many stories to tell, it is now about the lodge’s evolution over the past 25 years that provides the reason visitors should choose The Marlborough Lodge.”


New Zealand’s province of Marlborough, the country’s largest producer of wine and world-famous Sauvignon Blanc, is now home to the luxury Marlborough Lodge, a new resort that serves as the perfect spot to uncover the culture, beauty and cuisine of the region.


Boasting the most hours of sunlight in New Zealand, the Marlborough region is almost always covered in sunshine, perfect for the 110 wineries of the region to thrive. The Marlborough Lodge is located right in the heart of Marlborough, and is on the second stage of its four-stage renovation.

“We have retained many of the beautiful historic elements highlighted throughout the building and mixed those with a modern eclectic decor, while adding the creature comforts expected in the 21st century,” said Angela Dillion, the managing director and owner of the Marlborough Lodge, “The mix of New Zealand art throughout the lodge was chosen to highlight the talent in the country while also creating talking points and conversation pieces.”


No two rooms are alike and each feature their own unique style, thanks to the interior design of Peter Lloyd. The lodge includes remnants of the original lodge, which was a Victorian convent from 1901 and original artwork from New Zealand artists.


The Marlborough Lodge is offering two new food and wine experiences, along with its Harvest Restaurant, open to lodge and non-lodge guests. The first is the, Taste of Cloudy Bay Surf Clams & Sauvignon Blanc, in which the guests will get up close and personal with Cloudy Bay Surf Clams and later prepare them with Chef Sam Webb in an interactive cooking demonstration. The lodge’s new, Helicopter Reef Fishing: D’Urville Indulgence excursion is for the adventurous guests. Guests will fly by helicopter to fish off of a reef, catch Blue Cod, and enjoy a beach lunch.


“Our team of chefs showcase some of New Zealand’s best produce in our a la carte restaurant, and our wine list supports this with an evolving selection of local Marlborough, New Zealand and international wines,” said Dillion on the Lodge’s dining.

In terms of moving forward in the renovation, Dillion spoke about the Lodge’s big plans. “We are currently underway on renovating a small chapel that is on site, and this will become a guest entertainment area,” she said, “This will provide even more space for our guests to relax and enjoy the gardens from with comfortable seating that flows out through large bi-fold doors.”


The lodge is also adding on a spa area, according to Dillion, “We are also creating a massage and treatment room for our guests at the back of this building. This will be unique as it will encompass the old altar area of the chapel.”


Other amenities of the lodge include bicycles to explore the grounds, a freshwater pool, tennis courts, and tours of the surrounding gardens and vineyards. Rates per suite start at $843 USD.

Making an iconic design statement in a minimal aesthetic, the Dawn to Dusk lighting fixture is the newest product released by the award-winning London-based design studio haberdashery that invites you to experience the magic of sunrises and sunsets from right inside your home.


The intricate design was inspired by the “the memory of the sun” and creating a strong connection with this memory, according to Ben Rigby, creative director and co-founder of haberdashery.


“We want to reach beyond the industry’s current expectations for a lighting product and push for a more ambitious blend of quality, creativity and narrative-driven design all wrapped up in an iconic, useful and aesthetically beautiful design statement,” says Rigby.


To do this, Rigby and other designers chose to work with an uncomplicated design to demonstrate the clarity of a rising sun, as well as identified the perfect color range that would create a strong, emotional resonance.


Available as a table and floor-standing lamp, the diffused circular light source explores a palette of warm colour hues during its transit of the vertical stand, delivering these as direct light, or as a flood of light on a wall.

When at the base the sliding light head sits in an off position, and then as it is moved upwards it activates a low intensity red hue, which transitions into orange, then 2700k white light as slid upwards. This custom LED light array, developed by Rigby and his team, replicates the transition of light from the deep, rich red of the late evening to the white light of midday. The light is also capable of rotating 360 degrees around, providing a range of uses from outward facing task light through to a backward-facing ambient light, creating a subtle wash.


Dawn to Dusk is meant to not only showcase a naturally beautiful occurrence but to also utilize this power to support our natural rhythm throughout the day. The high-quality white light helps users to wake up more naturally, while the richer, relaxing red colors help regulate the circadian cycle and prepare for sleep.

“haberdashery believes light is a transformative power in the world; we challenge what is possible with light, and through our products are defining a new category of contemporary lighting,” says Rigby.

All photos & video courtesy haberdashery.

Whether it’s using bold colors or finding new ways to embrace the sunshine, here are a few tips to brighten your home in time for summer.

By Alyssa Gautieri

Add Pops of Color


Summer is the perfect time to bring bright colors into your home to create a fresh look. From throw pillows and cozy blankets to candles and vases, there are endless ways to bring new color into a space without a complete renovation. Sunny yellow, water’s edge blue and tropical pink are among the top shades of the summer, according to HGTV.

Swap Out Dark Curtains
Embracing natural light is important year-round, but it is especially important for homeowners in the summer. Natural sunlight creates a brighter and lighter feel, which parallels the ambiance of summer. Dark curtains trap natural light from entering a room, which can make a space feel dark and cold. Meanwhile sheer, bright-colored curtains help to bring the outdoors in.

This garden floral pillow from MacKenzie-Childs embodies summer with its cheerful colors — available at $295.

Freshen up your space with Safavieh’s Ivey’s hand-knotted rug, offered at $1,799.

Offered at $26,000, Jay Strongwater’s leaf and flower mirror can brighten any space.

Don’t Fear Floral 


Although floral patterns have been around forever, they never seem to go out of style. Whether hoping for a vintage feel or a modern look, bring personality into your home with new curtains, a rug or tablecloth. If you’re feeling bold, a floral chair or lampshade can completely transform a room. While floral prints may seem intimidating, Real Simple reminds us not to be afraid to mix floral with floral.


Get Creative with Mirrors


In addition to their obvious function, mirrors can help to prepare your home for summer. Using mirrors creatively in your home can help to capture light and project it into dark corners. Depending on the angle and placement, mirrors can create illusions to make a space feel bigger and brighter, according to Country Living.

Embrace Plant Life


Whether living or faux, greenery and flowers bring life into any space. Resembling the outdoors in the summer, the bright yet soothing greens, pinks and purples of plant life can bring a summer-like feeling into your home.



This hand-carved wood log filled with silk succulents and cactus, by T&C Floral Company and priced at $625, is the perfect addition to any living area.

Photos courtesy of Neiman Marcus

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