Creating the Perfect Outdoor Dining Area

With the last few weeks of summer ahead, now is the perfect time in much of the country to embrace the warm summer days and spend time in the sun. A perfect outdoor dining area can allow you to spend more time with family and friends and soak in the sun at the same time. Here are a few tips to design the area that will best work for you and your home:

Photo courtesy of Chaplins Furniture

Photo courtesy of Go Modern

1. Consider the Colors


It’s always important to take into account the colors of the outdoor area. If the outdoor area is more centered around nature, consider more earthy colors that blend right into the background, creating a soft, calm atmosphere. For a bolder style, however, pick a color that contrasts sharply against the background. 

With this area, the lighter pinks and tans behind the dark table and chairs create a beautiful distinction of colors. Whichever your style, make sure to consider various colors in your design process.

2. Working with the Landscape

When working with nature, there are mainly two choices: working with the land or changing the landscape to fit your needs. Keeping the land untouched will allow for a more natural atmosphere, while changing the landscape may be more accessible and practical for an outdoor dining area.

For example, this bench by the pool allows a great lunch or dinner with family and friends. While nature is not emphasized, it creates a sleek, clean design that’s easily accessible to the house and pool, allowing for gathering around the table at any time.

Photo courtesy of Garden Trading

Photo courtesy of Go Modern

Photo courtesy of Lagoon

3. Creating Shade

While the idea of an outdoor dining area underneath the bright sun is important, practicality should always be a factor. With the sun out all day, it may get too hot to stay outside and enjoy the summer air. Remember to provide adequate shading, whether that’s with a tree or a canopy, so you and your guests are able to spend as much time outside as you would like.

This outdoor dining area was built with a roof for this exact purpose. Crafted with natural wood, it forms a calm atmosphere blocking the sun but keeping everyone close to the nature that surrounds them.

4. A Style that Fits You

Whatever the design, make sure that it fits your personality and will be used often for gatherings of family and friends.

Photo courtesy of Lagoon

Running completely on electricity, the Mirage Air is elevating the standard of eco-friendly yachts.

 For those with a heart for being eco-friendly, renowned yacht builder Frauscher Shipyard has launched a sleek, silent, electric version of its 740 Mirage Air powered by Torqeedo’s Deep Blue 100i. 

Owners can cruise silently at 10 km/h for more than 10 hours, appreciating both the natural world and the yacht’s spacious, centre-console layout, distinctive design and extraordinary quality. 

The fully electric 740 Mirage Air further enhances tradition with innovation, high-tech features and eco-friendliness. Installed with a Deep Blue 100 kW electric inboard motor and two lithium batteries with BMW technology (i3-type), the 740 Mirage Air is the ideal day cruiser.

“At Frauscher Shipyard, we see ourselves as ‘Engineers of Emotions,’ and we always want the owners of our boats to have a great time on the water. With the powerful 100 kW drive system, we are entering an entirely new dimension of electric mobility on the water,” says Frauscher Shipyard’s managing partner Stefan Frauscher.

The 7.47-meter yacht was designed by studio KISKA and Thomas Gerzer, alongside hydrodynamic expert Harry Miesbauer. Although the dynamic lines are suggestive of luxury car design, inside you’ll find all the comforts one could desire: a silent, environmentally friendly electric drive, refrigerated compartment, high-tech yet easy-to-use controls and displays, large sunbathing area, electric windlass, and a bow thruster for foolproof docking.




The whisper-quiet engine used in the Frauscher 740 Mirage Air is specifically designed and constructed to power planing motorboats. The system’s reliable and easy-to-maintain design delivers extraordinary performance at its full power range, with up to 2,400 rpm and incredible torque delivered at low rpm.


The 40 kWh Deep Blue batteries installed in the 740 Mirage Air bring the latest in automotive-grade lithium-ion technology from the famed motor works of BMW. The batteries feature industry-leading energy density and a comprehensive safety system. Torqeedo has tailored the characteristics of the Deep Blue battery to make it suitable for the marine environment and is offering up to a nine-year limited battery capacity warranty.



“The Frauscher 740 Mirage Air provides a quiet and powerful luxury yachting experience for boats that operate in sensitive areas and those with a heart for nature,” says Torqeedo CEO Christoph Ballin. “With an industrially engineered, fully integrated electric drive system and the extraordinary craftsmanship of the Frauscher Shipyard, this electric yacht will attract the eye of discerning owners worldwide.”






Photos courtesy of Christian Brecheis

For years, the coastal town of Port Aransas, affectionately called “Port A” by its residents, has seen visitors from other areas of Texas and from all throughout the U.S. In fact, the amount of visitors so far in 2019 has exceeded last year’s numbers by 40 percent.


This influx of new visitors is only expected to rise with the new festivals Port A is involved in over the summer. The location has long been described as an ideal fishing destination, and the 84th Annual Deep Sea Roundup is a reflection of just that. As the oldest fishing competition on the Gulf Coast, the Deep Sea Roundup, taking place from July 11 to July 14, brings people from all over to enjoy fishing in this relaxed atmosphere. Also attracting fishers from across the nation is the Texas Legends Billfish Tournament, taking place from August 7 to August 11.

The Beachtoberfest is a seven week-long festival involving a 5K run, a music fest, fishing tournaments, chef competitions, craft beer tastings, an art walk and other events as well. Also located at Port Aransas, the festival is taking place from September 13 to October 27.

Port A’s underrated food scene will also be showcasing itself during the Texas Super Chef Throwdown Series, occurring from September 18 to October 21. Consisting of 30 chefs from all around the state, the event qualifies the winning chefs to the World Food Championships in Dallas, Texas, consisting of 450 chefs competing from around the world.

All these events, taking place in Port Aransas, are a reflection of the culture and lifestyle in this coastal town — one where breathtaking luxury meets a casual atmosphere and invites all families to join in on the festivities.

Photos courtesy of Cinnamon Shore

No matter how much room there is, taking advantage of your outdoors can not only further personalize the space but create the perfect oasis that fits your needs. From the atmosphere and design to the fun accessories that are customized for you, these fun pieces are crafted to help you indulge in the warm months.

For the Lounger

The Swing Lounger by AMAZONAS combines floating comfort with modern, stylish design as an eye-catcher for the home, both outside and inside. The stylishly curved lying surface is exactly adapted to the body and allows comfortable reclining, relaxing and enjoying.


Photo courtesy AMAZONAS.


Swing Lounger is made in carefully handcrafted weatherproof treated spruce. The high-quality layer bonding ensures maximum stability and safety. The extra thick, water-repellent and extra fast-drying mattress guarantees perfect relaxation. The extremely resistant agora fabric cover is as soft as cotton, has high resistance to light and weather, is water-repellent, mold-resistant, dirt-resistant and easy-care.

For the Late-Night Entertainer

To enjoy the sweetness of summer until late at night, online store Nedgis offers lovely yet versatile lighting fixtures and pieces, perfect for any corner of your outdoor space from the terrace to the garden. For a dinner, a party or a conversation in a low voice, these mood lights provide high-performance lighting. Fixed or mobile, discreet or more imposing, each lamp brings with it its atmosphere and its little decorative touch.



aGlow offers a trendy, lightweight design that defies the boundaries between the inside and the outside of the house. With aGlow, you have both a lamp and a wireless speaker with Bluetooth capabilities, a battery life of up to 20 hours and a short charge time. It’s perfect for hot summer evenings on the terrace, in the tent, at festivals, on vacation or in the living room when darkness arrives. The design is simple and elegant, ready to dance! The lamp is delivered in a beautiful wooden box, ideal for a gift.



Created by the designer Tristan Lohner, the Moon walker lamp is strongly inspired by the 19th floor lamps with its fluid lines and harmony between matter and color. Practical, functional and decorative, Moon decorates and illuminates your exterior in a friendly and efficient way. The portable light has a battery life of 8 hours and its USB cable allows it to recharge easily! To put on your table, in mood light or as a bedside lamp, Moon finds its place inside as well as outside! It offers two lighting temperatures to best fit your mood and your desires.


All light photos courtesy Nedgis.

For the Master Chef

Brand new to Cuckooland, the Ooni Koda Gas-Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven is lightweight, compact, gas powered and ready to use straight out of the box! Live in pizza paradise with this luxurious accessory that includes an Ooni Koda pizza oven, a stone baking board and a propane tank gas regulator. Impress your guests by cooking and serving a delicious pizza in just 60 seconds at your garden party. This pizza oven is compact and light and can also cook fish, vegetables and steaks, making it the perfect camping companion to cook a memorable outdoor banquet.


Photo courtesy Cuckooland.

In May and June, we take time to show love to Mom and Dad. Thousands of items are marketed to appeal to parents, but for the more impressive, indulgent gifts that go beyond your typical jewelry set or spiffy tie clip, check out these finds!

Picnic Perfect


French brand Les Jardins de la Comtesse combines tradition and exoticism in its successful collection of picnic baskets, called Bel Air.


Designed in natural honey-colored wicker, these baskets are sold completely with tropical-style plates, stemware, wood-effect cutlery and accessories, salt and pepper shakers, a corkscrew/bottle opener and an additional waterproof bag.


With chip/break-resistant dishes, adjustable straps, and a large insulated compartments with inner tabs, this modern take on a classic lunch accessory is ideal for outdoor meals — a perfect addition to any Mother’s Day brunch outside.

Photo courtesy Les Jardins de la Comtesse.

Green Thumbs Up


For the parent who loves to cook or grow his/her own produce, Plantui is a futuristic tool that allows you to have a hydroponic garden directly in your home.


Plantui revolutionizes the idea of agricultural self-production, synthesizing all that is needed in a handful of square centimeters and in a design object, capable of simultaneously growing up to 12 plants with its patented system that works year round.


The growth process, combined with an intelligent irrigation system with nutrients, reproduces the light spectrum of photosynthesis, giving plants the right amount and quality of light necessary for optimal development.


The light and the automatic irrigation system are regulated by Plantui Smart Garden during the different stages of growth from the plant, creating the conditions for obtaining healthy, fresh and tasty herbs and salads.

Plantui Smart Garden 6. Photo courtesy Plantui.

Sets to Impress


Farrar & Tanner’s collection of personalized gifts let you show Mom or Dad how much they mean to you. The brand’s selection includes premium gins and sparkling wines in personalized wood gifts boxes, beautiful gardening tools and stylish coffee accessories.


For Dad – Gins

JJ Whitley have been family distillers for eight generations and still craft their gin in copper pots giving you a smooth and complex flavor. Blended with eight botanicals and hints of juniper, pepper and parma violets this gin is sure to impress any palette. This is the perfect choice for enjoying over ice or with tonic.

For a sweeter palette, Gordon’s delivers a premium gin using all natural flavorings. The sweetness of strawberries and raspberries is balanced with the natural tang of redcurrant for a truly refreshing taste. Gordon’s has produced an exceptional pink gin with an eye-catching color which is delicious served with tonic and fresh strawberries.

For MomGardening


Handcrafted in the UK by Burgon & Ball, this gift set is ideal for aspiring and avid gardeners. The centerpiece of this collection is a traditionally shaped, folding pruning blade, delicately treated for superior edge retention. The subtle curvature of the pronounced hook ensures a fine cut is completed in one swift movement. The robust, wooden handle has a rustic finish to suit larger hands. A miniature sharpening steel is included to keep the blade in superb condition. Endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society and packaged in a unique presentation box, this is a charming, practical gift to inspire green thumbs.


This stunning copper set by Haws has a lustrous finish which is beautiful both in use and on display. The premium watering can is a piece of British gardening history based on the original 100-year-old design. Ideal for watering small plants and pots throughout the home, this lightweight design comes with a brass rose making it suitable for a variety of watering locations. The elegant mist sprayer adds moisture in dry environments which is perfect for helping orchids and succulents to flourish.


Featuring a splendid bronze blade, the Musca Trowel is the perfect way to add a lavish touch to the gardening experience. Practical for working with loose sandy soil or compost, the signature PKS bronze handle glides through the earth with its scoop design and sharp, resilient edge.

Photos courtesy Farrar & Tanner.

Dark tones are in. Whether in the form of jewel-toned pieces or jet black items, opting for darker tones can add a sense of decadence to your interior.

This trend sees an abundance emeralds, burgundies and blacks being incorporated into homes, often by use of dark furniture, accessories, and wall paint. This sophisticated yet comforting interior trend is perfect for the cozy winter months. But it’s also set to continue as a trend as we go into spring and summer, adding an element of sumptuous to the brighter half of the year. Here are few ways to incorporate dark tones throughout your home this spring. 


Lautner is a coffee table that stands out for its curved edges, mixing earth-tone colors from the varnished walnut wood and polished brass. Its artisan quality and crafted work provides a striking centerpiece for your living room. It has a moody smoked glass on the top and a shelf at the base that offers additional storage.

Credit of Essential Home


Novak is a sofa that combines some details from Mid-Century style with a Contemporary design vision. The base is rectangular, but it has a contrasting low back with rounded shapes, upholstered with a sophisticated leather and finished with piping detail.

Credit of Essential Home


This beautiful range of glazed brick tiles by Original Style are unique in many ways. The shades are inspired by the English countryside, from the blues of the sea to the earthy greens and warm browns of the English landscapes. Credit of Original Style


The elegant Darian sideboard stands out in any interior. A rich combination of the best materials and irregular shapes blended together with the precise knowledge of the craftsman techniques grant this radiant sideboard, that also offers plenty of storage, timeless aesthetics.

Credit of LUXXU Home


The Noctis Urchin Cluster Light is comprised of three ebonised Noctis Urchin Pendants. With an elegant, customisable design that invites personalization, each pendant can be suspended at a different height allowing a showstopping configuration to take charge of your space. Credit of Tom Raffield

Whether it’s using bold colors or finding new ways to embrace the sunshine, here are a few tips to brighten your home in time for summer.

By Alyssa Gautieri

Add Pops of Color


Summer is the perfect time to bring bright colors into your home to create a fresh look. From throw pillows and cozy blankets to candles and vases, there are endless ways to bring new color into a space without a complete renovation. Sunny yellow, water’s edge blue and tropical pink are among the top shades of the summer, according to HGTV.

Swap Out Dark Curtains
Embracing natural light is important year-round, but it is especially important for homeowners in the summer. Natural sunlight creates a brighter and lighter feel, which parallels the ambiance of summer. Dark curtains trap natural light from entering a room, which can make a space feel dark and cold. Meanwhile sheer, bright-colored curtains help to bring the outdoors in.

This garden floral pillow from MacKenzie-Childs embodies summer with its cheerful colors — available at $295.

Freshen up your space with Safavieh’s Ivey’s hand-knotted rug, offered at $1,799.

Offered at $26,000, Jay Strongwater’s leaf and flower mirror can brighten any space.

Don’t Fear Floral 


Although floral patterns have been around forever, they never seem to go out of style. Whether hoping for a vintage feel or a modern look, bring personality into your home with new curtains, a rug or tablecloth. If you’re feeling bold, a floral chair or lampshade can completely transform a room. While floral prints may seem intimidating, Real Simple reminds us not to be afraid to mix floral with floral.


Get Creative with Mirrors


In addition to their obvious function, mirrors can help to prepare your home for summer. Using mirrors creatively in your home can help to capture light and project it into dark corners. Depending on the angle and placement, mirrors can create illusions to make a space feel bigger and brighter, according to Country Living.

Embrace Plant Life


Whether living or faux, greenery and flowers bring life into any space. Resembling the outdoors in the summer, the bright yet soothing greens, pinks and purples of plant life can bring a summer-like feeling into your home.



This hand-carved wood log filled with silk succulents and cactus, by T&C Floral Company and priced at $625, is the perfect addition to any living area.

Photos courtesy of Neiman Marcus

These luxury homes offer beautiful, private tennis courts to their residents.

Following the U.S. Open’s kick off last week, we have located a few luxury spaces that feature private tennis courts. Boasting beautiful scenery and waterfront views, these homes will allow residents to practice their backhand in style.

Coral Gables (282 Carabela Ct)

Nestled in a quiet cul-de-sac, this Mediterranean style 2-story home boasts a yacht dock, observation tower and private tennis court.
Price: $6.9 Million
Agent: Saddy Delgado of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Photo courtesy of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Miami Beach (5011 Pine Tree Dr)

Sitting on 2 acres, this 3-story Mediterranean estate offers a private tennis court with beautiful waterfront views.
Price: $24.9 Million
Agent: Ralph Arias of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Photo courtesy of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Privé at Island Estates

These 16-story boutique luxury towers offer resort-style amenities, including a lighted tennis court with ocean views.
Price: Starting at $1.2 million.

Photo courtesy of Prive at Island Estates

The Grand at SkyView Parc

This property offers a range of amenities to keep residents entertained, including two on-site, full-sized tennis courts.

Photo courtesy of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Oceana Bal Harbour

This property offers its residents an active lifestyle with access to pro-like training facilities, including two championship clay tennis courts. Residents can enjoy friendly matches and sea breezes at the courts. Prices: From $3 to 30 million.

Photo courtesy of Oceana Bal Harbour


One of the largest waterfront properties in Miami Beach is this beautiful Spanish style gated-compound. Nestled on 4-oversized parcels, the property expands from Prestigious North Bay Road to Alton Road and offers an expansive tennis court.
Price: $6.99 Million
Agent: George M. Burns of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Photo courtesy of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

With skyline views, outdoor kitchens, infinity pools and rooftop terraces, these over-the-top penthouses serve as the perfect space for hosting a summer soiree. They’re also the ideal spot to view the highly anticipated Great American Eclipse on August 21st.

Miami Beach

2901 Collins Ave
Located at The Residences at Miami Beach Edition, this sky home boasts breathtaking sunset views over the ocean and downtown Miami. Equipped with an outdoor kitchen and rooftop jacuuzi, this expansive outdoor space is perfect for entertaining.
Price: $10.9 Million
Listing agents: Anna Sherrill and Ivan Chorney of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Photo courtesy of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Fort Lauderdale 

1180 N Federal Highway
Situated on the Middle River, this Italian-designed enclave comes equipped with an expansive terrace and panoramic outdoor living and summer kitchens to provide unforgettable end of summer memories.
Price: $3.9 Million

Photo courtesy of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Sunny Isles Beach 

18501 Collins Ave
Equipped with direct ocean views and a private rooftop pool, this 3-level penthouse is perfect for the ultimate end of summer celebration. Soak up sunrise and sunset views from expansive wrap-around terraces, including a private hydrotherapy spa.
Price: $35 Million
Listing agent: Nikol Solares of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Photo courtesy of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty


1000 Biscayne Blvd #5201
Located at One Thousand Museum by Zaha Hadid Architects, Miami’s most prestigious new residential tower, this penthouse blurs the lines between art and architecture. With an 86-ft great room and 1,100-ft terraces overlooking Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, this is the ideal luxury space for a swanky get-together.
Price: $20.7 Million
Listing agent: Harvey Daniels of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Photo courtesy of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Miami Beach 

300 S Pointe Dr
Located at Portofino Towers, this 3-story penthouse boasts a rooftop lounging area with a jacuzzi. With stunning views of the ocean bay and Miami skyline, this luxurious space embodies all the summer feels.
Price: $9.4 Million
Listing agents: Diane Lieberman and Jessica Lieberman of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Photo courtesy of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Miami Beach 

6365 Collins Ave
Perched atop Akoya, Miami’s highest residential building, this opulent penthouse looks down on panoramic views of the ocean, the intra-coastal and beaches. Fully furnished and accessorized, this breathtaking sky mansion is a must for any summer shindig.
Price: $8.95 Million
Listing agent: Raymond Bolduc of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Photo courtesy of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Miami Beach 

650 West Ave
The Floridian’s deluxe penthouse boasts pristine views of Star, Palm and Hibiscus Island. Rarely available, this rare space is ideal for end of summer socials.
Price: $7.7 Million
Listing agent: Oscar Correa of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Photo courtesy of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Miami Beach

6901 Collins Ave
Exclusively designed by Holly Hunt, the penthouse of L’Atelier is the crown jewel of this oceanfront building. With jaw-dropping 360-degree views from the rooftop terrace, this spacious residence provides endless entertainment.
Price: $25 Million
Listing agents: Anna Sherrill and Macarena Gomez of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Photo courtesy of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Sunny Isles Beach

17875 Collins Ave
Based in the famous Acqualina Resort & Spa, this mansion in the sky offers immaculate views of the ocean and city. Boasting a full arsenal of amenities, a celebration here will surely be one to remember.
Price: $4.7 Million
Listing agent: Lana Bell of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Photo courtesy of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Fort Lauderdale

3333 NE 32nd Ave
Completely renovated by interior designer Michael Beamish, residents will be able to entertain their guests with a gourmet kitchen, wine room and pool.
Price: $4.5 Million
Listing agent: Susan Rindley of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Photo courtesy of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Fort Lauderdale

2845 NE 9th St
This 2-story penthouse envelops the panoramic intercostal waterway surrounding the bonnet house estate. Residents and guests alike will be able to enjoy the 60-ft dock and private cabana.
Price: $2.9 Million
Listing agents: Melanie Schrand and David Schrand of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Photo courtesy of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Fort Lauderdale

615 Bayshore Dr
Considered the best kept secret in North Beach Village, this two-story penthouse boasts 1,800 square feet of balcony space. With breathtaking views of the city skyline, this space is perfect for hosting an outdoor end of summer soiree.
Price: $2.7 Million
Listing agent: Susan Rindley of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

Photo courtesy of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty


701 S Miami Ave
Brickell City Centre’s REACH and RISE, two sleek, 43-story premier luxury condominium towers, allows residents to throw the most luxurious end of summer soiree at the epicenter of it all. Take the party outdoors and enjoy Miami’s tropical weather, as the penthouses have private outdoor terraces, as well as a private rooftop pool overlooking breathtaking panoramic water and city views.
Price: Available upon request

Photo courtesy of Richardson Sadeki

New York

207 West 79th Street
Boasting over 2,000 square feet of private outdoor space, the penthouse at Anbau’s latest luxury condo includes open-air features such as a roof deck with a built-in stainless steel gas grill, smoked gray granite countertops, ample seating and stunning 360-degree city views.
Price: Available upon request

Photo courtesy of Moso Studios


5000 Island Estates Dr
Slated for completion mid-August, Privé at Island Estates’ penthouses boast views of Aventura’s intracoastal and Miami’s beachfront skyline with exclusive rooftop terraces, infinity pools, outdoor summer kitchens and more.
Price: Starting at $2.1 million.

Photos courtesy of Privé at Island Estates

On a quiet afternoon you may decide to read a book, enjoy a glass of wine or watch passersby — and, a porch is the perfect place to pass the time. 

By Alyssa Gautieri

The term “porching” has become popular among Americans who enjoy spending time outdoors on their porch. With summer officially under way, we decided to take a look at some communities perfect for porching. From the coastal South to the mountain lodges, here are four real estate developments that embrace porching.

Palmetto Bluff

South Carolina
Situated in the heart of South Carolina Lowcountry, this 20,000-acre property embraces traditional Lowcountry architecture with countless porches. Views include picturesque moss-draped oaks and gas-lit walkways. Montage Palmetto Bluff also recently debuted a new Inn with a wrap-around porch complete with relaxing rocking chairs.

Photo courtesy Palmetto Bluff

Snake River Sporting Club

Nestled in the woods, the Residences offer expansive porches with sunny mountain views. Additionally, owners can porch up at The Clubhouse, which overlooks the Snake River. Residents may choose to grab a drink or bite to eat from the local restaurant to optimize their porching experience.

Photos courtesy Snake River Lodge

The Cliffs

The Carolinas
The Cliffs is a collection of residential communities set upon a protected national forest that extends from Asheville, North Carolina to Greenville, South Carolina. The communities offer a range of porching opportunities, from Lake Keowee to the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville.

Photos courtesy The Cliffs


Each residence at Kukui’ula — the leading luxury resort community on Kauai’s south shore — offers an expansive patio overlooking lush tropical landscaping and a variety of ocean, golf and mountain views. Owners and guests can easily grab a cocktail or glass of wine at the nearby restaurant to complete their porching experience.

Photos courtesy Kukui’ula

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