Fall is The Perfect Time to Take a Soak

Take the Chill Out
With the first signs of Fall come the first slight chill in the air; many people love it but there is always that thought in the back of everyone’s mind that its just going to get colder. Bath designers have weighed in on trends in bathroom design, and all signs point to the on-going love affair with stand-alone, or free-standing bathtubs. The beauty of tubs now is that they are available in so many sizes and materials. Whether the design calls for a round solid surface tub, an acrylic tub with built-in arm rests or even a very luxe copper-wrapped tub, these statement pieces define the bath space while also of course offering homeowners a respite for as long as they need. Here are some of our clients’ most unique offerings.

Chelsea Tub

Hastings Tile & Bath

The Chelsea is a smooth, spacious bathtub with contemporary contours to foster the ultimate in relaxation and tranquility. Made in America, the freestanding tub features a transitional slipper-tub-inspired desgin with wide, open dimensions and a slightly higher back for bonus ergonomics in the bath. The versatile tub comes in two sizes – 60 inches and 66 inches – so it’s not restricted only to larger spaces, but can be easily accommodated in standard bathrooms as well. The Chelsea bathtub is also available in a choice of four classic finished: a sleek polished white, a contemporary matte white, a shiny polished gray and a velvety matte gray.



The Valerie features clean, sleek, sophisticated design with its seamless exterior perfect for any bathroom setting. Valerie features integrated interior arm and foot rests for added relaxation and convenience. The Valerie is part of the Americh Freestanding Colleciton and can be purchased as a Tub Only/Air-bath System II or Tub Only. The Valerie includes an integral waste & overflow in polished chrome, and is available in multiple finishes. Dimensions are 72″x40″x24″.



ANEX, The Americh Nanobubble Experience, features a compact system that infuses compressed air into the bath water to surround the body in a soothing cloud of tiny bubbles that deep cleans skin, allowing it to absorb the maximum amount of oxygen. This enhances skin cell growth, improves functioning of blood vessels and stimulates the body’s immune system. Typical air bubbles rise to the surface of the water and burst, cooling down the bath. Nanobubbles are suspended in the water, keeping heat energy in the water and helping to maintain a more consistent temperature in the bath. Air is drawn into the system and dissolved into the water at high pressure.


Sawyer in Brass


The popular Sawyer tub is available in living brass which will form a patina over time as it ages. Their beautiful brass, like other metallic offerings at Americh, is actual metal and not just metallic in appearance. The interior tub is acrylic, which makes it is easy to maintain and clean. Artisans meld the metal and acrylic together to create a seamless finished product. The combination is comfortable, warm and lovely. The process takes 30-35 hours of handcrafted work with a lead time of about four weeks from start to finish. The Sawyer group of products has two lengths, 71” and 64”, and all are available in smooth and hammered nickel as well as white.




This divine architectural design is beautifully sculpted from Mineral Cast creating a radiant solid surface, which is available in either a glossy white finish or matte white finish. The Athens is part of the Americh Roc Collection and can be purchased as a Tub Only. The Athens includes an integral waste and overflow with Polished Chrome Trim and a 5-year warranty on the tub vessel.

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