White Quartz Crystal as an Accent Piece

Due to their gleaming iridescent luster and milky white tones, White Quartz are often used in home design projects by interior designers.


As one of the most abundant stones in the world, White Quartz is often used in its most utilitarian form, serving as base material to build countertops or other solid surfaces. But consider and examine White Quartz crystals in their most authentic, raw formations when extracted from the earth: the variety of shapes and sizes from single to multi-point configurations and their gleaming iridescent luster, White Quartz displays an exquisite style and broad appeal to any interior space.


White Quartz’s universal look proves it works well in a busy maximalist setting or on its own in a minimalist aesthetic. Displaying this high-quality crystal in a foyer or entrance will deliver an unexpected but alluring presence, to be admired as nature’s grand work of art. Position smaller tabletop versions of the crystal on a dining room table or display it as a pièce de résistance centerpiece in any room to command attention. White Quartz’s intrinsic sculptural and natural qualities add a touch of glamour to every space it occupies.

Based in Venice, California, Mystic Journey Crystals is recognized globally as the purveyor for extraordinary, investment-quality crystals and geodes for residential, commercial and hospitality spaces.

Founder Jeffery Segal established the company in 2008 with the opening of Mystic Journey Bookstore and the intent to spread his growing passion and appreciation of large, sculptural crystals and the metaphysical properties they possess to the community.