The Know-How on Vegan Furniture

With organic, vegan design on the rise, assorted brands, luxury and non, are putting forth innovative design creations that are the best representatives of a greener, more sustainable style of design. Consultants/designers at Décor Aid named 10 of the best organic furniture brands making it in the industry right now. We’ve featured a few of their recommendations below! 

Anton Doll Holzmanufaktur

Décor Aid interior designer Martha V says about Anton Doll Holzmanufaktur: “With a German name that translates to wood maker, expect to find expertly hand-crafted eco-friendly furniture produced by talented local artisans in Germany.

The company focuses on sustainable wood treated with chemical-free finishes and treatments, and its aesthetic leans on the clean and timeless spirit of Scandinavian design — ensuring that their future-heirlooms will also never go out of style.”

At Anton Doll Holzmanufaktur, carpentry is considered to be art, and attention to detail and a passion for form and design help prompt these “artists” to experiment and further develop their pieces of craftsmanship.

Starting with the processing of solid wood of the highest quality, up to the surface treatment with pollution-free wood oil, their craftsmen control every step of the manufacturing process. This also includes responsible forest management, local production within Europe and ensuring the longevity of its products, all which help cut down emissions and waste.

By emphasizing sustainability, quality and the joy of creating, the company relies on traditional values ​​of the furniture trade. In connection with modern design and online business presence, the company’s values transcend time to the present.


People often forget about the artisans behind the pieces they acquire and the low wages they are paid to produce furnishings, and I was glad to learn that VivaTerra always pays its employees fair wages. And I like that their pieces are modern with just the right amount of cool allure to make them unique,” says Décor Aid interior designer Sara S.

Named VivaTerra, meaning “living earth,” this sustainable interior design brand is dedicated to operating in harmony with nature, inspired by blending global inspiration with modern, eco-conscious design. The company and its craftsmen strive to share a contemporary, artisan-crafted aesthetic with consumers through unique and earth-friendly goods.

In 2003 on the California coast, VivaTerra’s founders developed a passionate belief that there was no need to compromise natural resources or environmental health in pursuit of a beautiful home. Blending modern Californian design, natural and eco-friendly materials, and global inspiration, the brand grew and developed its signature style.

Today, VivaTerra continues its mission to help transform homes into natural sanctuaries filled with beautiful, uncompromising products. It sources from and supports artisan communities in more than 20 countries across the globe, seeking out fair-trade partners and sustainable methods of production.

Environment furniture

“Environment furniture makes functional pieces of art that are the perfect tribute to sustainable living thanks to materials that are reclaimed, recycled, and repurposed or from certified forests,” says Décor Aid interior designer Mandy M.

For over 15 years Environment, located in the heart of Los Angeles, has become a leader in reclaimed wood furniture design. After many years of exposure to the elements, nature imparts its process of natural-aged patina, which in turn crafts the history and story behind every piece of Peroba and other reclaimed woods used in the Environment collection.

The brand’s upholstery collections only use the ultimate furniture-building methods and natural materials that are both superior in terms of comfort and lifespan, as well as inherently flame retardant without the use of chemicals.

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