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When Worlds Collide

Natural stone unites with modern metals in the new Eccentric Stone collection by Australian kitchen and bathware design manufacturer Rogerseller.


A celebration of the beauty in balance when two become one, Eccentric Stone is a new collection sculpted from natural stone and highlighted by hints of metal. In perfect harmony, these signature elements explore the power of duality; the raw and refined, subtle and strong, timeless and modern.

Presented in Carrara marble or Emperador Grey stone, the collection features new round and oval basin designs, a shelf and the acclaimed Eccentric Mixer.

“Curved lines and generous proportions add an understated luxury to the pieces, while the refined shapes and considered details continue to demonstrate the craftsmanship Rogerseller is revered for” says Jo Jackson, group manager of

Designed to be paired with Rogerseller’s signature Natural Elements finishes, each piece incorporates metallic hints, making this stone and metal duo truly unique. The metal finishes drawn from the Natural Elements collection include Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Satin Chrome, Graphite, Brushed Nickel, Bright Nickel, Twilight, Matt Black, Bright Gold and Brushed Gold, creating styles defined by the individual.

Finding inspiration from the Earth’s raw resources and the untouched qualities that come from years of metamorphosis, the Eccentric Stone collection shows the result of a “whole made greater by the sum of its parts,” according to the brand. “While individually, the elements of stone and metals are well-known and loved, brought together they create a new harmony, making for an unstoppable duo.”

All photos courtesy Rogerseller.

The new Ombré finish for kitchen and bath faucets from Kohler uses an innovative technique that melds two vibrant metal finishes together to render a subtle but striking transition from light to dark.

Kohler has taken a familiar product and, inspired by the worlds of fashion and modern design, created an uncommon showpiece that is unlike anything else on the market.

The Ombré Vibrant finish makes use of Kohler’s proprietary physical vapor deposition process, which bonds the finish and faucet together at the molecular level, to create an incredibly strong surface that is both scratch- and tarnish-resistant. The finish comes in two fabrications: Vibrant Rose Gold to Vibrant Polished Nickel, and Vibrant Titanium to Vibrant Rose Gold.

The Ombré Vibrant finish is available on a curated selection of Kohler plumbing products: Components and Sensate. Homeowners can express their personal taste by using faucets with this finish as an integral design component for their home décor.

The word ombré, French for shadow or shade, has been seen on everything from haute couture gowns to celebrity hairstyles, and its ingenious use on what could be seen as an everyday product further establishes Kohler as the industry leader in finish innovation.

Photos courtesy of Jillian Rosone.

Blending the best of classic and opulent French style, the latest collection from THG® Paris has been curated alongside renowned French interior designer and decorator Stéphanie Coutas.

The collection, entitled “Montaigne,” embodies a French sophistication that is enhanced by Coutas’ choice of material. Finding beauty in nature through her signature use of Grand Antique d’ Aubert marble, Coutas marries this traditional material with her unerring eye for the codes of luxury ‘‘à la française.”


The prestigious marble, revered for its natural black and white coloring, is native only to southwest France and has a rich historical past, decorating exquisite structures such as Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome, the Palace of Versailles and the tomb of Emperor Napoleon.

“The Montaigne Collection stems from this idea of transformation, this is one of our specificities: we like working with raw materials, transforming them and thus magnifying nature,” says Coutas. “Hence this idea of a marble tap, a rather raw element, which has been shaped into something luxurious, inherent to a refined universe.”


“Montaigne” sheds light on a traditional French marble enhanced by contemporary French artisans.


The collection is also offered with cross or lever handles and in various configurations for basins, matching bathtub and shower systems and a range of matching accessories.


Growing up in Hong Kong, Coutas, an interior designer and decorator, has retained an intuitive appreciation for the mixing of cultures and “art de vivre” refinement with no show of ostentation. Her neoclassical and contemporary designs can be found in a number of luxurious residential projects and hospitality spaces in France, Europe and the Middle East.


“Making us nostalgic for quintessential eras in French history, Stéphanie Coutas revisits artful designs from the past which she honors in a most noble way,” says Pedro Uranga, North American director for THG Paris. “We are humbled to have her signature designs featured as a tribute to the transformation of nature from raw to refined.”

Striving to bring the unsurpassed beauty of natural materials into people’s homes, Stone Forest lets the natural world dictate its bath designs. Using procedures that involve saw cutting and polishing, each of these sinks are unique in the face of mass-manufactured products. From a 650-pound sink carved from onyx to a pedestal cut from basalt, here is the latest from Stone Forest.

Barrel Pedestal Sink
Stone Forest’s Barrel Sink is more than a sink, it is a functional sculpture. Carved from a single block of sumptuous, semi-translucent onyx, the barrel sink weighs in at 650 pounds, yet because of its translucent nature, when lit from within using an LED rope light — the sink takes on an ethereal quality.

Bronze Chalice

Designed by Santa Fe artist David Hoptman, the Bronze Chalice is created from sand-cast bronze and handcrafted by artisans. Now available in white bronze, the stunning chalice offers more latitude in faucet choices, as the new material is a complement to satin nickel and chrome. Like all other natural elements, it is a living finish, so it will achieve a weathered look with use and exposure to the elements of everyday living.

Purple Onyx Wabi Vessel Sinks
After two years of searching, Stone Forest has once again been able to source small blocks of this semi-precious stone to create its perfectly imperfect naturally shaped vessel sinks. Each vessel is truly unique as each stone is highly variable in terms of color, crystalline structure and veining. Onyx is the perfect material for those looking to add a stunning, natural accent to their space.

Triple Basalt Pedestal
This rustic pedestal is perfect for those seeking an organic contemporary style. Each set of three plinths is cut from a single column of basalt and features a combination of natural and polished facets.

Veneto Pedestal Sink
Inspired by classic Italian design, this striking, barrel-shaped vessel is carved from a single block of multi-color onyx. The sculpture includes a cavity in the back that can accommodate a light source to enhance the luminosity of this architectural form.

Verona Vessel
Stone Forest balances formality with modernity in this traditional design with a contemporary touch. A wide, inviting basin, this unique vessel sink is offered in two varying sizes of either honey, multi-color onyx or the new silver travertine.

Exuding power, elegance and timelessness, black finishes are making their way into kitchens and bathrooms.

Whether glossy or matte, black finishes offer a dramatic departure from traditional stainless steel and chrome finishes. Offering a dynamic edge to any space, black has become one of the hottest finishes for decorative plumbing and hardware.


Offering an array of striking black finishes, California Faucets Kitchen Collection is making it easier than ever to personalize the kitchen sink area.


“Black has broken through the barrier of traditional finish colors in a big way, especially in the kitchen,” explains Noah Taft, California Faucets’ senior vice president of marketing and sales. “Homeowners are finding black brings warmth and elegance to a room, and it’s a refreshing change from chrome and stainless steel.”


California Faucets now offers a variety of premium black hued finishes for its recently-launched Kitchen Collection. Some of these finishes include Matte Black, one of today’s hottest finishes for faucets and decorative hardware, and Black Nickel, a space-age finish blending the gleam of nickel with shades of black.  

Corsano Culinary Faucetin Carbon Black (PVD) with Stainless Steel Spring

Corsano Series Pull-Down Faucet Ensemble in Matte Black

Whether it’s a bathtub, lighting fixture or sink, black finishes are also making their way into the bathroom. From the creative minds of Newport Brass, Hastings Tile & Bath, Drummonds, Franz Viegener and Buster + Punch come a series of curated interior fittings with an engrossing black coat. Drummonds’ Serpentine Tub helps bathers unwind and relax with its soothing black finish.

Designed by Arne Jacobsen, Hasting Tile & Bath’s VOLA: HVI comes in both glossy and matte black.Buster + Punch’s HOOKED 6.0, an industrially designed chandelier, is made up of several pendants and finished in solid metal with matte black detailing.

Buster + Punch’s HOOKED 6.0, an industrially designed chandelier, is made up of several pendants and finished in solid metal with matte black detailing.

Gold and brass are the hottest finishes in interiors right now, and California Faucets is leading this modern day gold rush with its culinary kitchen faucets.

California Faucets offers designers and homeowners alike a new ingredient when it comes to personalizing their kitchen design. Among the array of customizable faucet options designed to let you express your inner chef is a wide spectrum of on-trend gold and brass finishes. In fact, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), shades of gold and brass are the hottest finishes in today’s kitchens and baths.
“Traditionally, silver and gray-toned faucet finishes have dominated the kitchen and bath landscape. But over the past year or so, we’ve noticed a definite increase in gold and brass finishes,” explains Noah Taft, senior vice president of marketing and sales. “Rich gold tones infuse the kitchen with the look of luxury, while brass tones allow you to capture a more ‘industrial’ or ‘steampunk,’ vibe.”
With a vision for the reemergence of this classic finish, California Faucets offers one of the largest varieties of premium gold and brass finishes available on the market. While gold tones such as Lifetime Gold, French Gold, and Lifetime Polished Gold offer a sense of glamour, brass finishes like Satin Brass, Satin Bronze, and Polished Brass are less about “bling” and more about subtle beauty. These artisan finishes, produced by hand at the company’s Huntington Beach, California factory, allow consumers to venture outside their chrome and nickel comfort zones and experiment with an alternate decorative color spectrum.

In addition to the streamlined Culinary faucets, which offer an industry-first ability to color the outer spring in one of over 13 PVD finishes, there are four additional pull-down kitchen faucets series available in the company’s distinctive shades of gold and brass. These include the traditional Davoli Series, the curvy Rosolina Series, and the minimalist Poetto Series.
Plus with the coordinating sink accessories in matching finishes that come with each series, there’s no guesswork when it comes to creating a perfectly harmonized sink ensemble.
Special finishes for the Culinary Kitchen faucets, which include Satin Brass and Polished Brass, start at $1,223. Premium finishes such as Satin Bronze, Lifetime Satin Gold, Lifetime Polished Gold, and French Gold retail for $1,553. Special finishes for Pull-Down Kitchen faucets start at $1,094.
Beyond gold hues, the Corsano and all of the company’s kitchen faucets are available in a selection of more than 30 artisan finishes, including 15 PVD finishes with a lifetime guarantee against tarnishing. For a list of California Faucets Select Dealers nationwide, visit

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