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Styling a Room with Bold Floors

An often underrated way to style a room with is the flooring, which often ends up as a simple hardwood or tile design. While adding neutral tones to floors can allow other statement pieces in a room to pop, sometimes a bold flooring can be just what the space needs.

With that, here are some tips and tricks to designing a room around a bold floor or rug:

Photo courtesy of Lithos Design

Photo courtesy of Chaplins Furniture

1. Matching Colors

When wanting to design a room with a statement piece, it’s always important to choose the piece that will pop before designing anything else. This way, you’ll know the colors and fabrics involved with the statement piece, and can design around that. In terms of flooring, a bold rug can make or break a room. Choosing the bold rug before anything else can ensure whatever you choose for the rest of the room will complement it.

With this space, the bold rug has two main colors, with gold being its secondary color. Instead of choosing another blue for the chairs, the designer chose to use the rug’s secondary color. This way, the blue rug still adds a pop, rather than being one of pieces with a similar color in the room. By using one of the more minor colors on the floor, there is still a wide variety of hues to have a creative and comfortable style. 

Photo courtesy of RugSociety

Photo courtesy of WOW Design

2. Sleek and Airy

By allowing the bold floor pattern to be the centerpiece of the room, the designer creates a light and airy atmosphere. Instead of cluttering the room with more designs and colors, the simple designs allow for the bold floor to stand out. The minimalist look along with various plants adds a sleek and refined style to the room while also adding just enough color to keep it vibrant.


The chevron floor interlocking tile and hardwood floors adds a one-of-a-kind design for the individual to enjoy. With the only other colors in the room being a hint of black and green, the minimalist design keeps the style interesting while also comforting in its simplicity. Keep this design in mind if you’re looking for a minimalist style with an added statement piece.

3. Eclectic Style

Don’t be afraid of flooring that gets colorful and different. When styled correctly, this can be the selling-point of the home. Its uniqueness never fails to impress those who are looking for something different yet clean and airy. 

While this tile may look busy and complicated close up, take a step back and see the beauty it adds to the home. The mid-century modern design adds a flair unlike any other, while also staying sleek and refined.

Photo courtesy of Lithos Design

Transform your space with the perfect area rug. Trust stylish finished designs or customize your space with a tailored project.

Customize Until You’re Content

Rug’Society offers a bespoke customization service that is flexible and fun. Customers choose from a variety of colors, shapes, patterns, and textures to create a rug they can enjoy for years to come. The company also offers the help of a brand expert to guide you through the process.

Complete any room in your home with a rug that is uniquely you. Whether you’re looking for warm colors and plush textures, or an elegant neutral rug, there’s plenty from which to choose.

Choose the Right Rug for You

Bare floors are the perfect canvas for an inspiring, conversation-starting area rug and they are often a focal point in a room. Choose a larger area rug to create a gathering space in your living room.


For the bedroom, create a cozy domain by placing a rug under your bed allowing it to extend forward. This can give the appearance of a bigger space full of comfort.


Consider what type of traffic a rug will endure before purchasing. If you need a rug for your living room, remember to choose something that can withstand the occasional coffee spill or stray crumb.


Darker colors, whether they are on your walls or your floor tend to make a space feel smaller, while lighter shades can open a room up, making it feel larger.


Place you’re furniture along the edges of a beautiful rug making it visible for you and your guests to fully enjoy. This also helps create a more spacious feel.

Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

Neutral Colors — discreet tones can add an elegant touch.

Asymmetrical — the trend breaks tradition with eye-catching designs.

New Vintage — classic themes mix perfectly with modern elements.

Neo-Cubism — geometric shapes and 20th-century avant-garde expressions.

Photos by Rug’Society


A practical option for the home, the intricate detail and design of rugs are often overlooked by the average customer. To make an informed rug purchase and to know exactly where your money is going, it is important to note that there is much more to buying a rug than just picking one out that matches your couch.
Between knotted, tufted or flat-woven, rug options could seem endless and daunting for a buyer to understand. But, each of the many rug types available on the market serve different purposes, and getting to know them can help buyers make the right choice for their home. Doris Leslie Blau rug gallery breaks down what to know about the five most popular rug constructions, along with their most advantageous use.

Hand-Knotted Rugs

Hand-knotted rugs are considered classics. They are made of colored yarns that are painstakingly tied onto individual warp threads, then secured by one or more rows of weft, a process that requires a great amount of skill and patience. The knotting of a large rug could involve as many as a dozen artisans working simultaneously for months, even years. The result is a sturdy, dense structure that can withstand years without wearing out.



Flat-Woven Rugs
Basic and attractive, these rugs are popular across the globe. The maintenance is low and the rug itself is light and flexible, yet durable. Most are made to be reviserbale, which extends its lifespan even further.

Hand-Tufted Rugs
A more affordable option than knotted carpets, this rug is a great pick for mid-range durability and style. The designs of the rugs can be easily manipulated, from traditional to contemporary, with much textural detail.

Flat-Woven Rugs
Basic and attractive, these rugs are popular across the globe. The maintenance is low and the rug itself is light and flexible, yet durable. Most are made to be reviserbale, which extends its lifespan even further.

Needlework Rugs
Embroidery fans rejoice! These rugs are large needlepointed masterpieces, with an antique look yet a dependable weave that will last years in the home.

Photos courtesy of Doris Leslie Blau


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