Declutter Your Space

What better way to welcome the new year with a positive start than decluttering your space. Reorganize the rooms in your home and take advantage of stylish furniture pieces that can help neaten up different areas. From modern coat hooks to rustic desks, the design possibilities are endless. 

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Spruce up the Entryway

To ensure that coats, keys, and purses aren’t strewn all over the kitchen table or living space, consider installing coat hooks. Choose options that also double as a cabinet or shelf. These contemporary coat hooks by Woodendot have the hooks hidden and provide extra space for other items to be stored or decorative space.

Need a place to keep shoes? A shoe nook is a great way to avoid the mountain of shoes that can pile up as guests (or kids) come into the home. Try and find one that doubles as a storage unit and a place to sit.

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Office Organization

Arguably, a home’s office has the most clutter. Between unfiled papers and jumbles of wires, this space can induce a lot of stress. Start by going through old papers and getting rid of documents that are no longer needed. It’s recommended to shred any important documents. 

When it comes to furniture, the main focal point will be the desk. Desks don’t have to be clunky and boring. A nicely finished or painted desk brightens up the space, creating a peaceful mood.


Photo courtesy of Oak Furnitureland. 

Choose a desk that has plenty of storage for filing and office supplies. Keep the top of the desk clear, only allowing a computer, calendar, keyboard, and small organizers to remain on it.

To expand organization space, find a bookshelf with a lot of shelving and room for filing. Like the desk, a bookshelf does not have to keep to a classic style. A modern one updates the room. For all those wires on the floor, use twist ties to keep them separate and attempt to hide them from view. 


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Love Your Living Room 

Continue the organizing flow into your living or family room. Recycle any old magazines or newspapers and keep the ones you want in a magazine rack for easy access. A stylish modern magazine rack enhances the look of your living room. Make clearing out the rack part of your daily routine to keep everything organized. 

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Toss out any broken or unused items in the room. Take the opportunity to reorganize the furniture and take the opportunity to clean under the couch or other pieces of furniture. Invest in feng shui books to further change the feel and energy of the room. 


Just like the shoe nook in the foyer, purchase new furniture that can act as extra storage to reduce the amount of space used. An ottoman acts as a place to keep blankets or extra pillows. Some couches also have a place under the cushions to keep extra items. A coffee table or side table can hide remote controls, books or other small objects that can be tucked away. Adding a bookshelf in the living room is always a nice touch. If there is enough wall space, go for a bookshelf that can be hung up on a wall, allowing the chance to keep the floor clean and dust-free. 

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A Peaceful Bedroom

The first place to start: The closet. Donate any lightly used clothing and keep the closet as neat as possible. Beds with drawers underneath create more space to store clothing as well. On a tight budget? If the current bed doesn’t have drawers, baskets are a fun and appealing way to store any extra items in your room. 

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For women, jewelry wall organizers take the place of a bulky jewelry box. Men can utilize organizers for watches, rings or other jewelry they may own. Chargers for phones, laptops or tablets can be kept neatly on an organizer as well.


Take off any unnecessary items from a dresser or nightstand and go for something that allows for smaller items to have their own place without the worry of something getting lost. A practical addition to a bed is a bedside pocket for easy access to books, remotes or a laptop. 

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Visually representing a river ecosystem, the Kasparo I table merges interactivity with interior furniture as it magically comes to life when someone enters the room.

By Samantha Myers

Produced from three basic materials — wood, glass and resin — and coupled with cutting-edge LED technology, the Kasparo I table evokes the sense of observing a small creek flowing into a larger river, eventually cascading into a glass waterfall. Created by a team of six in Bystrzyca Kłodzka, Poland, the Kasparo I took over a year to design and each individual table requires 200 hours of hand labor and fifteen intricate stages of execution.

“I think that the table has many connections to nature. But I think the main one is the simple idea that when you go into a forest, you find a river and a tree,” says Rafal Kasprzak, founder of Kasparo. Each table is made from a single tree and after it is finished, a tree is planted in return. Customers receive a certificate of the planting with details of the location.

“We are showing the problems with the forest and the environment and, of course, with the concept of one tree, one table. It’s not a lot, but it helps in a small way and establishes a good point of view to think about the environment,” says Kasprzak.“The idea was also to speak with friends and family around the table and having an interesting story for it.”

Each table is embedded with proximity sensors that begin an animation when someone approaches the table, using simulation of light to suggest water movement. While the animations tend to be 25 seconds long, it can be programmed to meet the customers’ desires — just one of the many customizations Kasparo offers. “The customer can make changes, bigger or smaller, and we have 20 colors of transparent resin,” he says. Although the typical wood used is oak, the client also can choose the type of wood or tree they’d prefer.

Only a year old, the company aims to make no more than 100 Kasparo I tables — providing each one with a certificate of authenticity and a number — and to venture into other designer furniture that will also take inspiration from nature. While not yet in showrooms, the company accepts personalized requests — a complete rarity when it comes to this type of technological innovation in furniture design.

www.kasparo.pl5,000 to 12,500

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