Brick Walls: More Versatile Than You Might Think

Brick walls, although historically having a more industrial style, have become a trend in luxury apartments and homes. The rustic appearance, regardless of the colors, shapes or textures, can add a beautiful backdrop to any room.

For a more rustic and historical appeal, look toward bricks with unconventional shapes. The individual stones create a unique composition, while the neutral colors add to the realistic style. Pair it with metal counters like the one in this space, or with more wooden finishes for a softer and less industrial design.

Photo courtesy of LisaSarah

Photo courtesy of Chaplins Furniture

When it comes to the industrial design, however, balance is key. This style can be either perfected or overdone with brick walls. Soft fabrics on the furniture, found in this apartment, create the perfect confluence of style and comfort. If the bricks are only on one wall of the room, pair the other walls with large and industrial-style windows. They not only bring in a flood of natural light, but add the finishing touch to the trendy style.

For a softer look that’s still on-trend, look toward colored brick walls. Paint them white or a color that complements the furniture in the room to achieve the perfect design. The white backdrop behind the strikingly blue couch adds a unique touch that isn’t too overbearing. Meanwhile, the green colored brick walls that perfectly match the couch create a unique and eccentric style sure to turn heads.

Photo courtesy of Woodchip and Magnolia

Photo courtesy of Wallsauce

With Halloween just around the corner and the holidays coming up as well, households are getting ready to entertain their guests. Whether it be a costume party or a simple dinner with close friends, there’s always room to revamp your home in time for the holidays. Here’s how:

Photo courtesy of Lights4Fun

Photo courtesy of Lights4Fun

1. Spooky Decorations

 A Halloween party wouldn’t live up to its name without the classic decorations. Orange and black are the go-to colors, while a pop of purple can be just what the setup needs. Add lanterns, candles and spooky lights for the perfect composition sure to charm your guests. Pumpkin lanterns also add the perfect seasonal decoration. The orange hues bring a warm and inviting light into the space to make your guests feel comfortable.

2. Making Room for Guests

 It’s time to make room around the table for the guests that’ll be coming to join in on the celebration. Add a larger table and comfortable chairs to make everyone feel welcomed. A wooden table adds a rustic style while contributing to the seasonal atmosphere. For Halloween and into the holiday season as well, providing enough seating is a must. 

Photo courtesy of La Residence Interiors

Photo courtesy of Interflora

Photo coutesy of Interflora

3. Prepping for Thanksgiving

Halloween decorations don’t always have to be spooky, though. Add more seasonal options with a cornucopia and a beautiful arrangement of flowers. This way, the decorations can be up well into November and for Thanksgiving as well. These assortments of flowers, haystacks and pumpkins offer a charming composition sure to turn heads during the holiday season.

An often underrated way to style a room with is the flooring, which often ends up as a simple hardwood or tile design. While adding neutral tones to floors can allow other statement pieces in a room to pop, sometimes a bold flooring can be just what the space needs.

With that, here are some tips and tricks to designing a room around a bold floor or rug:

Photo courtesy of Lithos Design

Photo courtesy of Chaplins Furniture

1. Matching Colors

When wanting to design a room with a statement piece, it’s always important to choose the piece that will pop before designing anything else. This way, you’ll know the colors and fabrics involved with the statement piece, and can design around that. In terms of flooring, a bold rug can make or break a room. Choosing the bold rug before anything else can ensure whatever you choose for the rest of the room will complement it.

With this space, the bold rug has two main colors, with gold being its secondary color. Instead of choosing another blue for the chairs, the designer chose to use the rug’s secondary color. This way, the blue rug still adds a pop, rather than being one of pieces with a similar color in the room. By using one of the more minor colors on the floor, there is still a wide variety of hues to have a creative and comfortable style. 

Photo courtesy of RugSociety

Photo courtesy of WOW Design

2. Sleek and Airy

By allowing the bold floor pattern to be the centerpiece of the room, the designer creates a light and airy atmosphere. Instead of cluttering the room with more designs and colors, the simple designs allow for the bold floor to stand out. The minimalist look along with various plants adds a sleek and refined style to the room while also adding just enough color to keep it vibrant.


The chevron floor interlocking tile and hardwood floors adds a one-of-a-kind design for the individual to enjoy. With the only other colors in the room being a hint of black and green, the minimalist design keeps the style interesting while also comforting in its simplicity. Keep this design in mind if you’re looking for a minimalist style with an added statement piece.

3. Eclectic Style

Don’t be afraid of flooring that gets colorful and different. When styled correctly, this can be the selling-point of the home. Its uniqueness never fails to impress those who are looking for something different yet clean and airy. 

While this tile may look busy and complicated close up, take a step back and see the beauty it adds to the home. The mid-century modern design adds a flair unlike any other, while also staying sleek and refined.

Photo courtesy of Lithos Design

Kettal’s outdoor decoration collection includes a wide variety of products, ranging from planters and fire pits to floor lamps and side tables.

Kettal, a designer and manufacturer of timeless outdoor furnishings for home and commercial uses, has developed a range of exterior decoration and design products in its new puff design and rope collection, Kettal Objects.
Kettal Objects is a range of outdoor decoration products, which includes puffs, planters, fire pits and oil lamps designed by Emiliana Design Studio. Emiliana Design Studio was set up by Ana and Emili in Barcelona in 1996 after they graduated from London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Their work is characterized by its ability to give each project a fresh conceptual approach, experimentation with materials and for proactively involving the user without compromising functional, technical or production aspects.
Kettal has extended its new collection with the introduction of a new puff, constructed of aluminum and one of the ‘Bela Ropes’ 17-color rope range designed by Doshi LevienDoshi Levien is an internationally acclaimed design studio founded by designers Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien. The two designers have been working together for more than ten years in their London-based design studio.
The Kettal Objects collection also includes a sideboard, room divider, floor lamp, parasols, side table and tray by Kettal Studio, an oil lamp and fire pit by Emiliana Design Studio, candleholders and outdoor rugs (200 x 294 cm) by Patricia Urquiola, rugs (200 x 300 cm and 300 x 400 cm), terrain cushions and geometrics fabrics by Doshi Levien and three models of lamp — floor, table and battery-powered — by Michel Charlot.

Photos courtesy of Kettal

While the outside winter weather coats the streets with snow, Valentine’s Day home décor can bring a much needed brightness into any home. “The warm romantic and playful pinks and reds of Valentine’s Day can bring so much life to a space in the middle of winter,” says Kendra Bester, a certified interior decorator and the owner of Kendra Bester Design. “(Decorating) is a great way to warm up from the grey days of winter.”
Using a variety of décor accessories, Bester has perfectly designed her home to be both inviting and warm. From throw pillows and vases to flowers and candles, Bester says that “anything that makes you feel cozy and relaxed” can make your space feel more romantic.
According to Bester, warm hues are the best colors to create a more romantic feel — red, pink, corals and blush are all warm colors that will make your home feel romantic.

“By decorating with the right accessories in your place, you can add that element of warmth with extra throw pillows on your sofa, fresh flowers on your coffee table or candles on your mantel.”


Due to the simplicity of adding a throw pillow to any space, Bester finds pillows to be her favorite Valentine’s Day decoration. “Pillows instantly change the feeling and mood in your space and make it ready for the special occasion,” she says. “They’re so puffy and soft that it makes your space feel inviting and romantic.”


Bester also loves to include glass jars with candies throughout her home. “What is more welcoming then having a glass dish full fresh seasonal candies to greet you?” she asks. 

Photos courtesy of Kendra Bester from Kendra Bester Design

Visit 10 hotels famed for creating spectacular festive scenes on the Ultimate Christmas Decorations Trip.

VeryFirstTo exclusively presents the Ultimate Christmas Decorations Trip enabling travelers the opportunity to stay in 10 of the world’s finest hotels and witness their famous decorations over the course of a whirlwind 18-day trip.
The first stop is the Plaza in New York City, a hotel that has played host to many a Christmas movies including Home Alone 2. With its enormous tree, the hotel really embodies Christmas magic.
From there it is off the to The Mission Inn in Riverside California. This iconic, AAA Four Diamond award-winning hotel is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Lights this year with a whopping 5 million lights.
The next stop on the tour is the Fairmont Princess in Arizona, considered one of the best and brightest places to celebrate the holiday season. This year is set to be more magical and more spectacular than ever. The AAA Five Diamond resort is transformed into a winter wonderland with a glistening, 4-story tree, Desert Ice skating rink, Princess Express trains, Lagoon Lights, holiday characters, shows and attractions and Santa’s Secret Headquarters.
Dallas’ Hotel Crescent Court plays host to an annual Gingerbread Extravaganza Workshop, which features more than 20 varieties of colorful candy and icing. Kids and adults alike can see, make and taste their very own confectionary cookie-castles.

Each hotel is world renowned for having the boldest, brightest and most impressive Christmas Decorations. This is a trip for those who want to immerse themselves in the joyful decorations of Christmas.

To round up the U.S. leg of the tour, travelers will head to Amelia Island Ritz Carlton. The hotel features a Gingerbread Pirate Ship with pirate characters sculpted from chocolate. A holiday icon, the Gingerbread Pirate Ship provides the perfect backdrop for your holiday picture.
While the Cayman Islands may not have snow, it does offer plenty of holiday cheer. Enjoy stunning beach and pool side views as well as stunning decorations and fun activities for the family.

Jetting into London, the famous Claridge’s Christmas Tree awaits. The tree, this year designed by Karl Lagerfeld, has long been a seasonal landmark and symbolizes the start of the festive season in the capital.
Other highlights of the journey in Europe include a visit to George V Paris, one of Paris’ oldest hotels with legendary decorations. In Zurich, The Dolder Grand recreates the magical, fairy-tale atmosphere of a winter wonderland. Finally, the holiday comes to an end in Prague at the über stylish Hotel Josef.
The exceptional vacation is organized by award-winning, luxury travel specialists Hurlingham Travel.


For more details on this one-of-a-kind trip, visit

Photos courtesy of VeryFirstTo

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