Catering to Today’s Food Trends

The attendee of a modern upscale event expects more than a standard plate of meat, potatoes and vegetables. This year’s catering trends address the demand for a more exciting, sustainable and updated take on the culinary soundtrack to an elegant event. With an ever-growing selection of vegan fare, an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients and the visual appeal of station-based catering, partygoers have more choices than ever when it comes to fine dining.

Whether it be for health or other reasons, many have recently chosen to restrict their diets to avoid animal products. Caterers have not missed a beat in having options for the growing vegan population, and have also created custom menus for diners with other dietary restrictions. While an all-vegan menu may be perceived as a hurdle for a host concerned about the satisfaction of non-vegan guests, hearty vegetable-centered entrees like roasted eggplant have become popular solutions that please all guests.

Guests have an array of vibrant vegan options to choose from.

Veganism is not the only movement to emerge from growing concerns about healthy and sustainable food; providing locally sourced foods is critical to the environmentally friendly host. In 2019, caterers showcase their local sources of produce, meat and dairy products to appeal to guests striving to limit their consumption of food that requires ecologically costly transportation to arrive on their plate.

While it has long been known that we eat with our eyes, trendy showstopping presentations are relatively new to the catering scene. Engaging and interactive stations with visually appealing options are beginning to bridge the gap between food and entertainment at events.

Left: Flame-seared steak is prepared live in front of guests. Right: Molecular cocktails add an innovative twist to catered beverages.

The Chicago-based company Catering By Michaels presents custom stations where foods like ramen or flame-grilled steak are prepared in front of the consumer. These awe-inspiring showcases of elegant cooking elevate the experience for guests at high-end gatherings. Catering By Michaels has found that stations are the perfect way to wow a crowd looking for a diverse array of options, each with its own charming twist.

Catering By Michaels’ unique Ramen Station.

Photos courtesy of Catering By Michaels.