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FIABCI: A Network that Works

In today’s unusual market, buyers and sellers benefit from luxury agents with international connections.

When Eugenia Foxworth tells you about the FIABCI network, one thing is immediately clear: it works.

FIABCI-USA is the U.S. chapter of the International Real Estate Federation, formed in France in 1951 (the acronym stands for Fédération Internationale des Administrateurs de Biens Conseils et Agents Immobiliers). To say that it’s been a key part of Foxworth’s business from the beginning would be an understatement.

Soon after obtaining her license in New York City in 2000, Foxworth started attending FIABCI events in the region. “As a matter of fact, one of the people responsible for my joining FIABCI was Christina Lodar, who was my Unique Homes sales associate. She asked me what did I want to accomplish in real estate? I told her that I wanted to grow my business. She told me about FIABCI and the opportunities that they offered. At that time, you needed to be sponsored. She was a FIABCI member also, and she sponsored me.”

The connections proved to be the business building blocks Foxworth needed.

Above photo: Rome – / e55evu

Cover photo: London – / sborisov

“FIABCI is an organization that works. As a new agent, I was amazed at all of the tools and advantages that they offered. The referral network, our sponsors, academics, our own listings on the FIABCI-USA and FIABCI-ORG website, publications with websites just geared to the luxury properties, et cetera — it was amazing. We referred clients and friends to each other. A lot of my business came from FIABCI members my first few years.”

Foxworth, who is the FIABCI-USA president-elect, isn’t the only one extolling FIABCI’s virtues. Christian Ross of Engel & Völkers Atlanta is the president of the FIABCI Southeast Council. She explains how the network has given her greater insights into markets all over the world, how she’s gained knowledge for marketing campaigns and global developments, and connected clients to potential investments. 

“For sellers, marketing to the international buyer and curating a marketing plan that targets and attracts a buyer from across the globe is essential. With that is also the knowledge of how to maximize currency exchanges, understanding the challenges of moving funds from certain countries and the geopolitical news that may affect all of those concerns,” Ross says. “For buyers, discovering and understanding how to connect them with opportunities they are exploring for international investments, as well as consulting with them to understand all aspects of their competition in the marketplace, helps them put their best foot forward.”

Hugh Gilliam, the director of International Real Estate at RealtyHive in Atlanta, is the current FIABCI-USA president. In almost 10 years, he’s gained dozens of listings through the network. When asked where he sees FIABCI going, he says the potential is unlimited.

“Our community comprises over 40 professions, including architects, brokers, developers, investors, financial institutions, and the list goes on,” Gilliam says. “In addition to expanding membership within these professions, we are adding new countries to the organization annually. This makes it very clear that the sky is the limit over the next decade.”

And Foxworth describes how even the pandemic has not impacted FIABCI’s effectiveness. “We have had many challenges throughout and we overcame the challenges,” she says. “Even at this time with COVID-19, we are continuing to do business globally. The Internet has allowed our members to work together very efficiently. The Zoom seminars and presentations are taking us to another level of selling luxury real estate, and we have several success stories.”


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Real Estate’s New Power Players

David Marine, Michael Altneu and Diane Hartley talk about who’s leading luxury in 2021.

Metropolises are staging a comeback. Resort markets continue to be buoyed by affluent individuals buying second homes in record numbers. From urban repatriates and second-home owners to older millennials, boomers and Gen-Zers flush with cash, there is a new group of power players making an impact on high-end buying and selling in 2021.

A forthcoming report from the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® program offers insights into these real estate influencers. To get a sneak peek at what’s inside “A Look at Wealth,” we spoke to David Marine, chief marketing officer of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC; Michael Altneu, vice president of luxury for Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC; and Diane Hartley, president of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.

Homes & Estates: One of the findings tracked in the report is the unprecedented wealth growth in the U.S. from 2019 to 2021. Where do you see luxury real estate falling into this trajectory?

Diane Hartley: A recent study from Oxford Economics found that American household net worth increased by 16 percent from the end of 2019 through Q1 of 2021. This marked the largest 15-month stretch of gains since 2004. This growth happened in the top two income brackets, which are driving the luxury real estate market today. If you had wealth two years ago, you have even more wealth now. People have more money to spend on a different asset class, and their properties are worth more.

David Marine: Real estate has always been a marquee element in the luxury portfolio. After spending so much time at home, homeowners are now assessing whether they want to enhance their living space or dreaming about where else they can go. The luxury market thrives in this scenario. The opportunity for that ski chalet or beach destination is becoming a reality after a year of pent-up demand.

Michael Altneu: The affluent have always seen real estate as an asset class. The difference now is what kinds of homes they’re buying, how many they’re buying and why. Much of what’s been driving these purchases goes back to lifestyle. There has never before been such an intense shift in purchasing and consumer behavior on a global scale as we experienced in 2020. Space, location and health were viewed through a much different lens by every person in every market at exactly the same time.

H&E: Sales and prices of single-family detached luxury homes have been trending up each year since 2019. What’s driving demand from your point of view? Are the reasons why people are buying different from last year?

DM: There’s some “FOMO meets YOLO” going on. The events of 2020 forced people to realize that they want to make the best of where they reside. Perhaps they’ve been sitting on the sidelines and missing out on that dream place that they just haven’t jumped into yet. Plus, the ability to get greater value for a property gives them peace of mind when spending more on that next home. They’re saying, “Let’s buy that dream home. We only live once.”

MA: Remote-working capabilities allowed people to spread into other markets like never before and will continue to help drive demand in the future. Lifestyle has always been the key driver in the luxury real estate space, but now it’s at the forefront of everything. People sought out secondary homes in 2020 to gain more space and distance. We may see a greater focus on larger primary homes — ones that better encompass all aspects of their lifestyle.

DH: There are three groups of people impacting the current luxury landscape. You have the “FOMO meets YOLO” group, which often happens after tragic events. We saw a similar trend after 9/11. The second group is those greatly impacted by how much money they now have. During the height of the pandemic, people spent less money because they were staying home more, so they had greater savings. I saw a figure that had the U.S. net private savings rate in 2020 as one of our highest in history. The last influential group is the real estate community. I don’t think we talk enough about their vital role in buying decisions. The way real estate professionals bring a home to market today is greatly influencing the seller and the selling price. They’re emphasizing luxury staging, putting better homes on the market and building interest through pre-MLS “sneak peeks.” They’re not forcing anyone in this market to think twice about buying a home. They’re making the decision easy.

MA: I agree. The role of agents has increased tenfold since the pandemic. They aren’t just guiding the real estate purchase; they’re guiding all the important aspects of their clients’ lives. They have become lifestyle advisors and trusted members of their inner circle.

H&E: Who are some of the major influencers dominating the luxury housing marketplace?

MA: We’re going to see a shift toward the younger generations of wealthy in this report. Millennials, specifically “Golden Millennials,” as we’re calling the 35–40 age group, have always been influencers in their own right. They’re going to be leading the next generation of luxury real estate.

DM: We’ve heard for so long about the millennial marketplace and the great wealth shift that would eventually happen to that group. Well, they’re no longer the young, whimsical demo. This Golden Millennial demo (I’ve also heard some people call them “geriatric millennials”) will be the ones looking to drive this real estate market. Baby Boomers are the ones selling to them and are likely the ones benefiting from it. As Michael said, millennials are now part of a virtual workforce who can live anywhere, and their lifestyle demands are changing, which is also a factor in igniting the luxury real estate market as they start looking at second homes or vacation homes or even enhancing their primary residence.

DH: There’s also another demographic that we don’t talk much about: the 40–57 age group, the Gen Xers. I call them the “Buy-ups.” They are impacting the mid-level luxury market.   

DM: We’re seeing this influence bear out in the market, as secondary home markets become long-term burgeoning markets. Idaho has become the new L.A. Parts of Texas and North Carolina are seeing an uptick in affluent out-of-state buyers. Places that weren’t on the luxury radar are suddenly starting to become destinations.

DH: People are taking their money out of high-cost areas like California and bringing it to markets like Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, which just exploded last year. I call it “discovery.”

H&E: Do you think the consumer mindset has changed enough that the exodus away from cities is going to last?

MA: The year-to-date sales numbers for attached homes are already trending up — which we’re interpreting as a positive sign that people are returning to dense marketplaces like New York, San Francisco and L.A. Cities have always been a magnet and global hub for high-net-worth individuals.

DH: We’re seeing a boomerang effect. The exodus we saw from cities in 2020 was more about acting on impulse than a long-lasting statement about how people feel about cities. The wealth effect is also a huge aspect. Luxury consumers always have a choice in what they do and where they live.

DM: We’ve seen this trend before in other markets, where an inciting incident forces a temporary exodus from metropolitan areas. The thing is, whether it’s New York, Miami or L.A., cities always bounce back. There’s an innate attraction to being at the epicenter of these cities. The prestige that comes with that won’t be lost for long, even when market conditions trend down.

MA: Cities will never disappear. They are the cultural hubs that power surrounding communities. People will always want to be in a place that embraces change and connectivity, to feel like they’re engaging something authentic and meaningful, something bigger than themselves.

DM: This also plays into our DNA as a company. Coldwell Banker was started in San Francisco, after the city was destroyed by the 1906 earthquake. We have always been a part of our local community’s fabric, and our agents have built and rebuilt the cities where people most desire to be connected. Cities bring people together.

H&E: Final thoughts?

DH: We have to look at the change in the climate of taxation. We are seeing a continuation of the trend of moving from high-tax states to low- or no-tax states. We’ll also look hard at the impact of the 2022 federal tax proposal on capital gains taxation.

DM: We’re seeing a positive climate change. Smaller markets previously not on the luxury radar are now coming into existence. It will be interesting to see which markets will be the new Aspen or Naples, Florida.

MA: In 2020, we were operating from a place of fear and uncertainty – but now we’re operating from a place of strength.

We’re seeing a positive climate change. Smaller markets previously not on the luxury radar are now coming into existence. It will be interesting to see which markets will be the new Aspen or Naples, Florida.

David Marine

Cities will never disappear. They are the cultural hubs that power surrounding communities. People will always want to be in a place that
embraces change and connectivity, to feel like they’re engaging something authentic and meaningful, something bigger than themselves.

Michael Altneu

We have to look at the change in the climate of taxation. We are seeing a continuation of the trend of moving from high-tax states to low- or no-tax states. We’ll also look hard at the impact of the 2022 federal tax proposal on capital gains taxation.

Diane Hartley

Homes & Estates

This article appeared in the Fall 2021 edition of Coldwell Banker Global Luxury’s Homes & Estates magazine.

Watch for the upcoming release of the 2021 A Look at Wealth Report by visiting

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Trade Secrets

Two prominent Keller Williams luxury agents, one on each coast, share their secrets to success and views on the industry.

By Roger Grody

With reality shows like Million Dollar Listing and Selling Sunset, one would think there are no secrets remaining in the real estate business. But

America’s top-producing agents understand that building successful practices requires tremendous commitment, especially when there are no cameras rolling. Two Keller Williams luxury agents provide their insights.

East Coast Success Story

The primary territory of Keller Williams luxury agent Seth Levin — his sales team ranks among the top one percent of agents nationwide — is the uber-competitive island of Manhattan. After more than a decade with another company, the LevinKong Team joined Keller Williams five years ago, impressed by its culture of collaboration and global reach. Since then, the group has earned Sales Team of the Year honors multiple times.

A former Pinnacle Award winner and member of the International Associate Leadership Council, Levin is a frequent panelist and often-quoted real estate expert. A renowned negotiator, he is an active real estate investor and when not working — which can be rare for agents of this caliber — Levin enjoys architecture, golf and exploring new cultures around the globe.

Building Relationships

Early in his career, Levin entertained frequently with prospective clients, dining out and hitting clubs with Wall Street money managers and entrepreneurs. As a family man, those relationship-building efforts have morphed into fine dining — Levin stays current with the Big Apple’s world-renowned restaurant scene — or golfing in the Hamptons. A lover of fine art, Levin concedes, “You’re more likely to see me at a gallery opening than at a party.”

When mentoring young agents, Levin advises, “Your social life has to be genuine, so you can build natural, organic relationships,” adding, “It’s about establishing relationships with the right people, rather than trying to connect with everybody.” Observing that much of his own success can be traced to a handful of key relationships, the agent states, “Treat every opportunity as if it was the most important in the world, and when clients see
you genuinely care about them, they’ll advocate for you.”

Loving New York

It never hurts for a real estate agent to be emotionally invested in his or her territory, and native New Yorker Levin expresses a passion for his hometown. “I’m proud of what we do to contribute to the city, keeping the torch of New York alive,” says the agent, who suggests the narrative of an exodus from Manhattan is overblown. “The market for trophy properties and funding for ambitious new developments demonstrate the enduring allure of this aspirational city, and my international clients continue to view New York as a primary place to invest,” says Levin.

Follow the Data

“Because I’m very data-driven, I’m not an order taker, but an idea presenter,” says Levin. “There’s an infinite number of micro-markets throughout New York City, based on geography, pricing and lifestyle, and I study them all,” says the agent, constantly converting data into productive client contacts. “I love being an investigator and coming up with ideas to pitch to my clients, which represent a genuine, purposeful reason to call, and they appreciate that,” he says.

Business Begets Business

Levin, who personally hosts the first open house for every property, cites an occasion when he attended one for a modest $400,000 listing despite an event for an $18 million property occurring simultaneously. “Not only did I sell it, but got another listing in the building and met the father of a prospective buyer who gave me an $8 million listing on Central Park West,” recounts Levin. “You have to treat every client like gold — they should all receive the same luxury treatment — and you need to understand their motivations and ambitions,” advises the agent. Levin, whose mantra is “business begets business,” genuinely enjoys coaching and mentoring colleagues, but also recognizes that more than 35 percent of his business is based on referrals from other agents.

West Coast Success Story

On the opposite coast, Caroline Huo specializes in the San Francisco Bay Area’s Mid-Peninsula territory. A loyal clientele depends on the Caroline K. Huo Group in the communities from Burlingame down to Atherton (the priciest market in the nation), as well as the northern Silicon Valley communities of Menlo Park and Palo Alto.

Since joining Keller Williams as an individual agent in 2015, Huo and her team continually rank in RealTrends’ Top Agents in California. A 17-year veteran in the industry, she has earned numerous Keller Williams production awards, serves on her region’s International Associate Leadership Council, supports Keller Williams Realty International’s R2G2 Growth Guide Program, and is a proud recipient of her region’s Eagle Award.

Overcoming Challenges

Noting the business can be challenging for women with children, Huo recalls, “I’d literally be painting a door in preparation for a photo shoot before running out to catch my daughter’s game, then I’d be posting open house signs before getting home to cook dinner.” She explains, “You really have to be Wonder Woman and The Flash, serving your clients and still being there for your family…I missed out on a lot.”

Huo reports many women burn out, leaving the industry just when they are entering the prime of their careers, unsure how to juggle family obligations and demanding clients. She learned, “You must find leverage.” Deeply appreciative of her husband, Huo suggests, “Partners have to be super supportive because our world is so crazy and all-consuming.”

Building a Team

The staffing at the Caroline K. Huo Group is heavily weighted toward service, with two agents supported by six professionals dedicated to operations and marketing. While every position requires a different skillset, Huo insists on specific qualities for all team members. She explains, “They need to be smart and driven, must have a sense of anticipatory service — knowing what clients need before they even ask — and should be fearless. Above all, I insist on integrity.” Huo adds, “We live our MVVBP [Mission Vision Values Beliefs and Perspective].”

Perpetual Audition

Huo believes that an agent’s work is never completed, explaining, “Just because you’ve closed a transaction doesn’t mean you’ve earned the next one…You’re constantly interviewing or auditioning to stay in their world.” Her office maintains long-term relationships with clients, keeping track of milestone events in their lives. “We have a relationship-oriented database, not a transactional database, and we want to be there for all of their real estate needs and beyond,” says Huo.

“As agents, we’re assisting people with some of their biggest financial decisions, helping them to build wealth and realize their dreams,” says Huo, who notes some transactions occur during difficult times, such as following the death of a loved one or divorce. “It’s important to meet people where they are, understand their vision and not only get them to the finish line, but through the finish line.” These principles are transferable to any market, insists Huo, who states, “The concepts of client care and service are universal, and everybody appreciates them.”

Colleagues Matter

“It’s important to apply those same principles when working with fellow real estate agents in the community, even though they may be competitors,” suggests Huo. “We have to work together in the industry to elevate one another, which is why I speak at professional events, even though it’s out of my comfort zone, sharing learnings with peers.”

Huo reports she frequently refers listings for San Francisco properties to local agents better able to navigate a client through that city’s unique market nuances, and thanks to ongoing relationships she is the beneficiary of similar referrals. “By building relationships with other agents, they become more than just colleagues, but friends as well,” says the accomplished professional.


“You really have to be Wonder Woman and The Flash, serving your clients and still being there for your family.”

Caroline Huo

When mentoring young agents, Levin advises, “Your social life has to be genuine, so you can build natural, organic relationships,” adding, “It’s about establishing relationships with the right people, rather than trying to connect with everybody.”

Seth Levin

Keller Williams Luxury

Find this article and much more in the latest edition of Keller Williams Luxury magazine.

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Zoom Event: 50 Years of Real Estate Changes

50 Years of Changes
Join us as we continue to celebrate Unique Homes’ 50th anniversary.

You’re invited to an exclusive Unique Homes online event on Wednesday, September 29 at 1pm Eastern.

Industry leaders talk about real estate’s journey these last 50 years, tackling a range of topics from consumer attitudes toward wealth and the meaning of luxury, to technology, the perception of the real estate agent, and the evolving role of women.

To Join: Please register here. You will receive a confirmation email with the details to participate.

Join Moderator and Unique Homes Associate Publisher Mark Moffa and:

  • Mickey Alam Kahn, President of Luxury Portfolio International
  • Stephanie Anton, Senior Vice President, Corcoran Affiliates, and Managing Director, Global Services at Realogy
  • Christy Budnick, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
  • David Marine, Chief Marketing Officer at Coldwell Banker Real Estate

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Zoom Event: Legendary Agents & Listings

Legendary Listings & Agents
A look at some of the most expensive homes ever sold, and the agents behind them.

You’re invited to an exclusive Unique Homes online event on Tuesday, June 29 at 1pm Eastern.

To mark Unique Homes’ 50th anniversary, we’re looking back through our annual Ultimate Homes editions, celebrating the most expensive real estate in the U.S. — from the $100 million Playboy Mansion to the $150 million Spelling Manor and the $125 million Versace estate. Learn what it’s like to broker deals such as these, and what makes a property worth so much. 

To Join: Please register here. You will receive a confirmation email with the details to participate.

Join Moderator and Unique Homes Associate Publisher Mark Moffa and: 

  • Shari Chase, President & CEO, Chase International, Lake Tahoe
  • Gary Gold, Hilton & Hyland, Beverly Hills, California
  • Jill Hertzberg, The Jills Zeder Group, Coldwell Banker Realty, Miami, Florida
  • Jade Mills, International Ambassador for Coldwell Banker Global Luxury, Beverly Hills, CA
  • Joyce Rey, Executive Director, Coldwell Banker Global Luxury, Beverly Hills, CA
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ELITE Agent: Sühran Aras

Sühran Aras

Coldwell Banker Baras | Serving the Bagdat Caddesi region of Istanbul

O. +90 (216) 384 02 22 | C. +90 (532) 451 36 16 | |

As one of the first international Global Luxury program instructors and ambassadors, Sühran Aras is the face of luxury real estate market in Turkey. She is known for opening the first franchise office as a broker-owner for Coldwell Banker Turkey and is the proud owner of Coldwell Banker Baras. Sühran’s extensive industry knowledge and experience have paved the way for her success as she has become an icon in her field. She dominates the luxury market in one of the most prominent regions of Turkey: the Bagdat Caddesi region of Istanbul.


Featured Property: Istanbul, Turkey

Elite residence located in the center of Sisli, one of the most important areas of Istanbul, close to the Istanbul metro. With its 140-meter height and wide panorama, this apartment offers a gross area of ​​350-square-meters consisting of 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 3 baths and 1 cellar. With a 3-car parking lot and a storage area, this apartment reveals all the beauties of Istanbul under your feet. $875,000



Sühran Aras originally appeared as an Elite agent in Unique Homes Spring ’21: Elite edition. See the ad here.

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Supreme Auctions to Sell Rare Significant Pennsylvania Estate at Auction

Sewickley, PA May 27, 2021 —A rare opportunity awaits one charmed home buyer as Hillside Hollow heads to auction. Originally once part of the Valhalla Estate in Pennsylvania, this Mid-Century modern home is captivating and nestled privately in Allegheny County surrounded by magnificent acres of enchanting trees, and meticulously maintained grounds that will leave you spellbound. Supreme Auctions will offer this prestigious property with 24-acres at auction on June 19, in cooperation with Kim Marie Angiulli of Coldwell Banker Real Estate Services.

“Known as one of the most affluent residential suburb neighborhoods of Pittsburgh, Sewickley offers privacy from the big city, while at the same time having Pittsburgh just minutes away,” stated Jennie Heal, President of Supreme Auctions. “Residents enjoy the picturesque, old-world charm of Sewickley’s town center, complete with its boutique shopping options, choice of restaurants, the Allegheny Country Club, rich with tradition, several equestrian stables, and let’s not forget the prestigious schools that include the distinguished Sewickley Academy.”

Delivering something for everyone, this remarkable home, resting privately out-of-sight, features six bedrooms, a newly renovated custom kitchen, sunrooms, formal dining room complete with a custom table hand crafted from granite excavated from the property, study, full apartment with separate entrance, finished lower level/basement, entertainment game room, plus a fenced area for dog lovers, tractor garage/workshop, and multi-car garage. To say there is unlimited potential could truly be an understatement.

“The quality craftsmanship of this sprawling ranch-style home simply cannot be beat,” stated listing agent, Kim Marie Angiulli. “Situated in a secluded setting, close to the village of Sewickley makes Hillside Hollow ideal for the buyer looking for privacy with endless possibilities of woodland exploration. This contemporary acreage is an ideal environment for equestrian activities, bird watching and general enjoyment of the great outdoors.”

This property will leave you spellbound with its magnificent 24-acres of magical trees and meticulously maintained grounds. From the moment you enter the private drive, you will immediately be awe-struck by the picturesque natural setting, unique tree carvings, mature landscaping, spectacular natural wooded views, and the unforgettable luxury home tucked into the forested property in Allegheny County.

“If you are looking for privacy, you’ve got it,” stated the current owner. “Our favorite pastime at this home is enjoying the quietness of this secluded property and watching the wildlife from the various sunrooms and decks that overlook the grounds.”

This magnificent home in the prestigious community of Sewickley Heights will be sold at auction on June 19. To learn more and register for the opportunity to bid and buy, contact Supreme Auctions at (866) 929-2243 or visit

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A Rare Chicago, Illinois Home

In the Heart of the Gold Coast

This iconic, classic home epitomizes refinement, sophistication and timeless composition. It is elegant, yet, relaxed.

With great care, this residence was designed with a garden terrace to the east and a charming central courtyard that infuses an abundance of natural light, not found in most homes in Chicago.

“Because there is a central courtyard, the home feels light and airy and the volume gives it a graciousness that nothing else currently listed has and is seldom seen in Chicago,” says Katherine Malkin of Compass who is listing the property for $18.75 million.

The formal rooms flow seamlessly into the outdoor areas, yielding comfortable rooms for grand entertaining, while still offering a cozy feeling for quiet, more intimate moments.

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The Pandemic Pivot

The Pivot
For ELITE agents, the pandemic pivot is just the latest example of adapting to — and staying ahead of — inevitable changes in the business.

You’re invited to an exclusive Unique Homes online event on Tuesday, April 27 at 1pm Eastern.

As Unique Homes celebrates its 50th Anniversary, we convene a panel of experts who will discuss creating change, being proactive, technology, creating connections, building trust. community devotion, and more.

To Join: Please register here. You will receive a confirmation email with the details to participate.


Join Moderator and Unique Homes Associate Publisher Mark Moffa and:

  • Mariann Cordova, Mariann Cordova Team,
    Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties, Mission Viejo, California
  • Julie Faupel, Founder/CEO of REALM, and Owner of Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates
  • Tami Simms, The Simms Team, Coastal Properties Group, St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Karen Stone, Sotheby’s International Realty — New York City and Park City, Utah
  • Candy Swick, Candy Swick & Company, Sarasota, Florida
  • James Torrance, Keller Williams Reserve, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
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Stunning Lakefront Florida Property to be Sold at No-Reserve Auction with Supreme Auctions

Windermere, FL March 23, 2021 — Nestled on an impeccable peninsula lot, overlooking Lake Down, with access to the Butler Chain of Lakes, Serenity Shores provides an extraordinary place of residency in Windermere, Florida. Supreme Auctions will offer this spectacular lakeside home at no-reserve auction on April 17, in cooperation with Roman Pavlik of Laurie Finkelstein Reader Real Estate and Daniel Grieb of Keller Williams Realty at The Parks.

“This unrivaled location combined with the lake’s natural beauty equals a truly amazing lifestyle for the most discerning of buyers,” stated Jennie Heal, President of Supreme Auctions. “With Orlando just 30 minutes away, central Florida doesn’t offer a better place to live than in the city of Windermere. Whether outdoor adventures like golf or water sports are your forte, or if you prefer, the sophistication that downtown offers, you’ll be thrilled with the number of diversions of this local area.” 

 With something truly special for the astute homeowner, Serenity Shores offers unfathomable possibilities. The property rests on over 1.5-acres, encompassing six bedrooms currently, a three-car garage, striking patios, boathouse and dock, office, media room with custom porthole views of the pool, open-concept kitchen, formal living room, wine cellar, exercise facility, dining room, heated pool with Jacuzzi, and stunning lakeside views. You will not be disappointed by this lakefront jewel in Windermere. 

“This phenomenal property has quick access to the theme parks without being in traffic,” stated listing agent, Roman Pavlik. “The boathouse and dock on the lake, the view, and the peninsula lot location are all major selling points that will thrill any buyer. Windermere itself offers great local shopping, dining and highly acclaimed schools all within the immediate area.”  

With a plethora of sliding glass doors throughout the ground floor, every inch of the interior was designed to take advantage of the lakeside location by highlighting the mature landscaping, warm beaches and panorama of the lake. The large pool leads to grassy knolls, sandy beaches and cool waters, giving the optimal environment for events of all types. Whether hosting an intimate gathering for friends in the formal dining room, celebrating special occasions with family around the pool, or hosting boat rides and water sports from the private boat dock, every day-to-day event becomes a celebration of a lifetime.

“The neighborhood is very quiet, friendly and respectful,” stated the current owner. “Since there are only a dozen homes, the area seems like a family rather than a standard subdivision. The exceptional views of the peninsula lot, adjacent to 900+-acre lake, and commuting via boat throughout all the Butler chain of lakes make for spectacular sunsets and fabulous days on the water. This property fulfills the three essential factors of a perfect home… 1) Location! 2) Lifestyle! 3) Uniqueness!”

This unforgettable home in Windermere on Lake Down, in the Butler Chain of Lakes will be sold at a no-reserve auction on April 17, to the highest bidder. To learn more, contact Supreme Auctions at (866) 929-2243 or visit

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