Are you Ready for Summer?

Check out these luxury pools for summer inspiration. If you’re working on your own backyard or searching for a summer getaway, these elegant and fun pools offer the perfect oasis.

photo courtesy of Panorama

photo courtesy of 5000 North Ocean

What’s better than a breezy afternoon by the pool? Enjoy your summer to the fullest with these refreshing pool trends that can apply to resort or backyard living.

Consider Transparent Fencing

Safety first, but don’t sacrifice your view or elegant backyard. Although there are plenty of options when it comes to the fencing around your pool, this transparent option is inspiring. The gate adheres to all safety requirements while embracing the view just beyond.

This see-through choice also encourages a very open atmosphere that adds to the relaxed feeling that your summer may be missing. 

Don’t Be a Square

Embrace the soothing flow of water and the natural elements with an oval or circular shaped pool that breaks tradition. There is a softer feeling that comes with an oval, with the exclusion of sharp right angles and boring straight lines. 

Socialize or Relax but Make it your Own

Use an afternoon around the pool as an opportunity to gather or rest in solitude. Make your space a relaxing paradise with luxurious seating, plenty of shade, and a stunning landscape. An outdoor area with a pool is another chance to bring your own personal style to life.

photo courtesy of RIVA Residences