The Rise of Smart Home Technology

You’re rushing around the house in the morning, scrambling to make coffee and open the blinds as you get ready to head off to work. As you hurry out the door, you remind yourself not to forget to turn off the lights and lock the front door. For many busy homeowners, this is a daily occurrence. But what if you could control everything in your home with only the touch of a button?

Photo courtesy of Barry Grossman

While this once seemed like the distant future, the rise in smart home technology has made it a reality. It’s 2018, and nearly everything within the home can be controlled with your smartphone — from brewing coffee to adjusting the thermostat. Whether you’re home or not, clocks, speakers, lights, doorbells, windows and appliances can now be controlled automatically from the palm of your hands.


Using Savant Smart Home technology, residents at Residence 2680 can control lighting, climate and security. Meanwhile, the Biometric entry systems allows keyless, fingerprint entry. Residents can even watch TV while showering, as the bathrooms are equipped with in-shower Seura Mirror TVs.


Increasingly, homebuyers are demanding homes with smart technology. Devices like Google Home, Alexa and Amazon Echo are becoming essential household items, which has only increased the movement toward smart homes. In fact, Zion Market Research predicts the smart home market will reach $53.45 billion by 2022, according to Forbes.

At 285 West 110th Street, each resident will have his/her own Amazon Echo for the true feel of living in a smart-home environment. Features can be controlled remotely via a mobile app, including Insteon lighting switches to set the scene, music to greet homeowners when entering and blinds that can be controlled to open and close.


Common areas and residential units at Privé at Island Estates are also equipped with Savant technology, allowing for automated control through any Apple or Android device of all thermostats, audio, visual and window shades.


According to Forbes, 2018 will bring more integration that supports homeowners in 2018 such as an app that reminds you to turn off the lights or to lock the doors, and an alarm that can deactivate upon recognizing your face. Forbes also predicts that technology will become much more efficient, allowing homeowners to control everything from appliances to radio volume from one central location.

Residence 2680 brings the 21st century into the bathroom with an in-shower mirror with a waterproof TV screen.

Photo courtesy of Troon Pacific