Coalbank Creek Grassland
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Coalbank Creek Grassland

MILL IRON, Montana

Coalbank Creek Grassland
MILL IRON, Montana 59324
1,880 Acres (1,240 ac Deeded - Balance Private Lease), located east of Milliron ,MT. Corrals, Cross-fenced, Wells and Pipeline Along the upper reaches of the Boxelder Creek Valley of eastern Montana, near the place where the states of Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota connect, lies the Coalbank Creek Grassland. Consisting of 1,240 Deeded acres and 640 private lease acres, all in one block, this property makes an ideally sized tract of grassland with enough scale to make it efficient and yet very affordable. The property boundaries are fenced in such a way as to incorporate the private leased lands and yet could be easily reduced to a wholly deeded operating base. Improvements include a new set of continuous fence corrals and two livestock sheds conveniently located on the property. Water on the property is sourced from a private well providing pipeline water to four tanks strategically located throughout the property along with two windmills. Additionally, two forks of Coalbank Creek traverse the property providing a sustainable source of live and intermittent natural water. Within close proximity to the Custer - Gallatin National Forrest, the wildlife on this property are plentiful in both number and species as are the grasses, forb and sedge varieties. The Coalbank Creek Grassland is offered for sale at just $979,600.00. If you're in the market for a manageable sized piece of the Big Sky Country, don't overlook the Coalbank Creek Grassland and let us know how we can help.

JD Hewitt/Hewitt Land Company
Lot Size: 1,240.00 acres
Provided by Homes & Land

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