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8 Bedrooms Single Family Detached
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8 Bedrooms Single Family Detached

Portland, International

Portland, International
Price: $1,995,000 MLSID: 30557
These two luxury Villas are known known as Seaview Villa and Banana Villa offering a modern waterfront residence next to the famous Trident Hotel. Invest in an awesome piece of the Rock feel the vibes, enjoy peace and harmony with the rest of the world a stone's throw way. We offer the perfect location nestled on the coastline with a full view of the turquoise waters of Port Antonio. Portland is one of the most exotic vacation locations in the world ; where you can unwind ,go shopping ,fishing ,diving,excursions , visit the nearby attractions ,The Lagoons , Somerset Falls , Boston jerk, Frenchman's Cove , Errol Flynn Marina, rafting on the Rio Grande , Reach Falls,kayaking and participate in the the world renowned Marlin Tournament . This 8 bedroom , 8 bathrooms 5 kitchens , can be your dream home or a dream vacation location, where the rest of the world can share in this dream.
Bedrooms: 8.00
Bathrooms: 8.00

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